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Ana Keglović Horvat

CEO at Lude Ribe & AKH Consulting


Ana Keglović Horvat is a communications consultant and coach in the field of online marketing and advertising, with many years of experience working on the web and social networks. She graduated from law and passed her bar exam, and is an alumna of the Academy for Political Development. For the last 12 years, she has been educating herself and advancing in the field of digital marketing and communications and in the area of law combined with Internet technology.  She is a consultant for EBRD in the field of ICT and marketing on Women in Business and Going Digital projects, where for five years she has been teaching digital marketing to women entrepreneurs from nearly 100 different companies in Croatia and BiH. Ana is an external coach of online communications and marketing at the Croatian Radio-television Academy.

She has more than 15 years of experience as a lecturer at the University of Zagreb, the Zagreb University of Applied Sciences, numerous business schools and specialized lectures held in the countries of the region. She has designed and conducted numerous campaigns, training, broadcasts through social media, TV shows and events.

The list of clients she advised consists of the State Department, the US Embassy in Croatia, the Croatian Radio-television, the Pivac Group, Optima Telekom, the British Business Chamber Croatia, the Pupitres – the Wine Culture Boutique and the sommelier Jelena Šimić Valentić, Panturist, Sol Tourism, startup TVizzy, Istrian Regional Tourist Agency, Istrian Cultural Agency and numerous other small and medium-sized enterprises, non-governmental organizations and non-profit organizations.

According to Women in Adria, Ana is the finalist for the best micro-entrepreneur in 2017 in Croatia. She is dynamic, methodical and energetic, her lectures are full of examples and encouraging. Ana loves books and top quality wines, travel, and sports.

Lecture intro

The General Data Protection Regulation and Public Relations

Imagine you are a PR person for Facebook or Cambridge Analytica and your client is in the midst of a public scandal. Your job is to explain the data protection and the accompanying measures: what has your client done to protect personal data in line with the GDPR? Or a different scenario: Facebook has processed and used your personal data for the purpose you did not approve. What do you do? What is the GDPR and how will it affect your job, webshops, newsletters, a corner shop or your child?