Rural, sport and health tourism of Zlatibor

//Rural, sport and health tourism of Zlatibor

On the very moment when you step to the ground of Zlatibor, you will see it is crowded with life; you will be able to meet variety of people of various nationalities, realize friendships and enjoy magic of Golden Mountain. However, you will wonder, where to start and how to see all beauties of Zlatibor?! We thought about you and prepared short overview “when and where” when you are on Zlatibor, and you are the fan of rural, health tourism or perhaps sportsman looking for recreation. First of all, Zlatibor is known for its rural tourism. Each village has some cultural-historical locality which, above all, makes it special, as wel as touristic value. Exhibitions and permanent settings of local artists, folklore festivals and national creative activity open possibility for recognition of tradition of this region.

There are attractive and mystical stories and legends which are told in Zlatibor region for years. Big value is given to constructional traditional architectures as well as products of old crafts and handmade crafts. When you mention rural tourism to the Zlatibor local villagers, the first place where they will send you is Sirogojno and museum on open sky called “Old village”, but also towards intact nature of the Gostilje village . Gostilje is small, but picturesque village where the biggest attraction represents waterfall of 20 m on the Vrelo River. Double closer to Zlatibor on some 15 km far, there is Rožanstvo village, known for its manufacture of barrels, tubs and other wooden products. Through the village flows Prštavica River on which right bank there is one of the most beautiful caves in Serbia, Stopića Cave.

Preserved and natural environment, with healthy food, style of living, which keeps and fosters traditional values of this region, makes Zlatibor villages authentic and attractive for guests. Sports tourism more and more developed year by year, which is attributed to the infrastructure which intensively grows for such purposes! Thus, one cycling fan will enjoy the view, passing through vastness and on the seat of mountain bike make his memories which are remembered for life. Paths are visibly marked with propesignaling and pass over the most beautiful landscape of Zlatibor, and on all crossroads there are QR codes to help reading direct location of the cyclist on Google map. You can complete your stay in Zlatibor and make an adrenaline experience! There are two adrenaline parks, Dino and Adventure Park.

The contents of the Dino Park are designed to be educational, cultural and entertaining. Residents of the park are 24 dinosaur replicas from the Mesozoic era, which is a real experience for the youngest visitors. Adventurers, families, friends, athletes, recreational, those who want to fill with positive energy and those who enjoy nature, sports and entertainment find themselves in the Dino Adventure Park. In its offer, Dino Park also offers Zip Line adventure as well as a skating rink for which you can skate 365 days a year, but also an unforgettable pleasure in the latest 12D cinema! Adventure Park Zlatibor is the biggest adrenaline park in the Balkans for children and adults. It is intended for a sports entertainment with an adrenaline injection. It is located in the center of Zlatibor and extends over 4 hectares of pine forest. Contains 6 paths that require different levels of adventure skills and are adapted to different ages.

The park is a great opportunity for recreation of both children and adults, be sure that this adventure will keep you away from mobile devices and other modern technologies, and connect in-game and socializing with your friends. Visiting Zlatibor favorably impacts an improvement of blood count, above all increase of the percent of hemoglobin in blood and increase of number of erythrocytes due to clean and diluted air. Therefore, Zlatibor is announced for therapeutic area for acute and chronic diseases of respiratory tract, thyroid gland and anemia of all kinds. Zlatibor also offers, organized by the hotel Zlatibor Mona, so-called therapeutic horse riding or hypnotherapy.

Horse riding is an activity i.e. sport which mostly impacts human health. All generations enjoy sports and riding as recreation. Riding is offered in two locations, on the Zova Ranch and Farma Ranch. Zova Ranch is only 2 km away from hotel Zlatibor Mona , ready to warmly welcome all fans of these precious animals.