Sustainable tourism and the social responsability of the hotel Zlatibor Mona Serbia

//Sustainable tourism and the social responsability of the hotel Zlatibor Mona Serbia

Sustainable tourism and the social responsibility of the hotel Zlatibor Mona Serbia has considerable energy potential in renewable energy sources, but it has not been sufficiently utilized or is not used at all when it comes to certain sources of energy such as wind or solar radiation. In 2013, the Zlatibor Mona Hotel installed solar collectors with the help of which the Inspirium Wellness Center warmed up, and partly the hotel itself, achieving a double effect, one is in terms of reducing the operating costs of the hotel, while the other is in terms of leaving as little environmental footprint as possible. The importance of renewable energy sources is more and more pronounced and is increasingly being insisted upon, in order to preserve the natural environment and due to economic sustainability.

The Sun sends on the Earth 25 times more energy per year than can create all fossil fuel reserves ever, which is an obvious indicator in which direction the energy and energy infrastructure should be developed. The use of energy from sources of solar energy is in line with the strategy of sustainable development and international conventions, which aims to preserve nature as well as the efficient and effective economy, that is, healthy growth that more and more respects the external effects of development. Zlatibor has always been comfortable and warm with average insolation of 2000 hours per year, and July and August are recorded as the hottest days of the year. Precisely guided by that fact, Mona Hotel Management Ltd., designed a project worth about 30,000 euros, with which the hotel Zlatibor Mona set 45 solar heating systems on the roof of the hotel parking lot, which generates significant energy savings! The energy produced by the solar system of the hotel is used for the heating of sanitary water and the pool, and the surplus of energy produced is redirected to room heating.

Weishaupt solar systems were put into operation in March 2013, which is not surprising given that solar systems achieve energy savings of around 20%! Also, the replacement of the heating system with fossil fuels with the natural gas system is in progress. A special part and the most precious resource for the company Mona Hotel Management are its employees. The company records small labor fluctuations, and the number of seasonal workers is extremely low. Through the Scholarship Program, we educate pupils and students after the completion of their education, through continuous education of existing staff, a pleasant and stimulating work environment is created, and above all a satisfied employee who will serve a satisfied guest!