Jelena Pavićević

//Jelena Pavićević

Jelena Pavićević

Director of Benefit Communications


Jelena Pavićević is, by formal education, a graduate lawyer, and postgraduate economist, in the International Marketing major. Additional education makes her an expert in strategic communication. By experience, she is also a manager and a leader. By preference, she is an entrepreneur and the owner of the consulting company Benefit Communications.

In her professional work, she gained experience in various types of organizations, public institutions and non-government organizations sector, small, medium and large private companies as well as in various social and economic spheres.

Her current professional focus is on the image consulting using communication strategies and lobbying. In addition to the necessary training and licensing, she is a certified HOGAN consultant for assessment and coaching, the official EBRD ASB Consultant and the first registered lobbyist in Montenegro.

She believes that formal and informal education, as well as theory and practice, personal experiences and experiences of others, are equally important for personal and professional development. But, our character determines the reputation on which everything in life depends on, which is why it needs to be dealt with the most.