Olga Podoinitsyna

//Olga Podoinitsyna

Olga Podoinitsyna

Member of the Board at VTB Capital


Olga is an international award-winning communications and marketing professional with over 20 years’ experience in the global financial industry.

Olga is responsible for global communications and marketing strategy, as well as the management of a communications platform for the VTB Group’ Corporate investment business (CIB), including regional development across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America.

Since 2008 Olga has overseen the company’s transition from new market player to an established name in the global investment banking industry. Before joining VTB Capital in April 2008, she was Head of Communications and Marketing and a member of their Executive Committee for Russia and the CIS in Deutsche Bank Russia.

Olga has also held senior positions at PriceWaterhouse, Burson Marsteller and the Centre for Capital Market Development Foundation, a World Bank project.

Olga has become the first representative of a Russian company to win a SABRE Award in recognition for her outstanding professional contributions. In 2015, 2016 and 2017 Olga entered the Holmes Report top-100 most important and influential leaders in corporate communications.

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Soft Power of Your Corporate Authenticity

It’s not a secret that communications foremost is an information exchange. Today we are consuming seven times more information than ten years ago and new channels are in use. Half of the world’s population spends time in virtual reality. Nassim Taleb argues that a huge number of people is out of touch with the real life. News, events and therefore communications, lose their exclusivity and their authenticity due to the speed, easy acceptable opportunities, the illusion of easy available targets and dreams as well as due to oversaturation of information. How to make communications authentic, if amount and information of interest boiled down and focused on consumption and entertainment? How to speak business language and keep B2B communications authentic? Know your clients, know your targets, building tailor-made dialogue in due time – three points to keep communications authentic and in demand.