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Toni Tomašek

Chief Creative Officer & Director, Slovenia / Chief Business Development, Adriatic at Publicis One


Toni Tomašek is internationally most experienced Creative Director in the Adriatic Region being 22 years in advertising. Won the first and the second Cannes Lion (Gold Media and Bronze Cyber) in Adriatic region and Slovenia and also the first regional Cannes finalist for Integrated Campaign.

He has lead Mediamix agency which was highest ranked Slovene agency at Cannes, Golden Drum, Epica for several times, won the Print Ad of the Year in Slovenia, Grand Prix at Ad.Print, Sempl, Golden Drum, Montreux, Memefest and won over 200 awards at NYF, LIAA, Eurobest, Slovenian Advertising Festival. In 2007 he moved to regional BBDO hub as its CD (Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia…) which was named Agency of the Year in Serbia & Montenegro, had a breakthrough at global Daimler Digital Award, won TVC of the Year for VIP Mobile, Poster of the Year for Mercedes-Benz who was also named the CRM Brand of the Year. He shortly stopped at McCann Erickson Germany as a co-CD of global Lufthansa team before he returned back to Slovenia to Mayer McCann.

In early 2013 he joined Publicis Slovenia as CD where he’s now Chief Creative Officer & Director of Publicis One Slovenia and Chief Business Development of Publicis One Adriatic. Under his leadership Publicis had a comeback as 2nd in creative ranking, Leo Burnett won the first GrandPrix ever, Saatchi&Saatchi won first ever GrandPrix in digital and last year Publicis One won The Most Efficient agency of the year 2015/2016 title at Effie. Toni was also named as The Most Efficient Creative director at Effie.

Lecture intro

Digital Mess Up What We Knew as PR or Advertising

In the era of social media, advertising left traditional channels and forms of communications, ideas, executions as we known them for decades. Now, we applaud campaigns in the case study films all over the festivals. We observe selected works and solutions of creative, effective, digital and PR case study films, but we usually don’t even notice them as a form of advertising. Instead of known format of an ad, now we are more and more often exposed only to a content of a story which is passed, shared, talked or written about. Today it is not about media budget dominance but exposure, reach, engagement and social voice. Those campaigns are of course great to watch, but do they work, do they bring results, is the ROI at the same level as traditional ones? And if, and when, something goes not the way it was planned (though public with social media has their own voice, which traditional media does not provide), traditional PR disciplines come into action. And then again films of PR case studies are becoming more and more like advertising ones. So, are we only facing how advertising and PR are converging together or are they maybe even in the way of changing places?