Svetlana Stavreva

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Svetlana Stavreva

President of the International Public Relations Association


Svetlana Stavreva is the IPRA President 2019 and an IBM Communications Manager. Her experience blends more than fifteen years in various strategic positions with leading institutions and companies. She has worked through all marketing, communications, government relations disciplines and for all IBM world regions, except North America. Communications with all its aspects is her area of expertise and she has built many teams and professionals, as well as a great global network.

Svetlana holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia, Bulgaria and in Social Sciences and Journalism from the same university. She also holds Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK. Bulgarian native, she is fluent in English, Russian and Spanish and also speaks German, Slovak and a bit of Esperanto. Being a strategist first, then a public relation & marketing professional, journalist, car racer and change management expert has helped her gain diverse experience from which she learned and keeps learning.

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Artificial Intelligence and Communications – Bring a Human Touch to Your AI Communications

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation are poised to transform communications in the same way they disrupt other industries. The coming generation of AI and tools (chatbots, robots, etc) are already redefining how brands use them accelerating and changing business development, much the way the Internet has changed the world over the last few decades. But, sometimes, it’s too easy to lose the human touch. Is there a way to retain human contact while still leveraging AI for communications?