Snježana Bahtijari

//Snježana Bahtijari

Snježana Bahtijari

Director of Marketing, Communications, and Corporate Social Responsibility at Ericsson Nikola Tesla


In the past twenty years, Snjezana Bahtijari has been dealing with strategic communications, which are instrumental for the quality positioning and good reputation of Ericsson Nikola Tesla.

After graduating from the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Zagreb, her activities focused on journalism, PR, and linking of diverse types of communications. In 2003, she was appointed Director of Company Communications and a member of ENT’s Executive Management. Soon afterward, she is being also responsible for marketing and corporate social responsibility, she became an active member of Ericsson’s global and regional organizations.

Along with her corporate engagement, she has also been actively participating in the Association for CSR at the Croatian Chamber of Economy, the Croatian Public Relations Association, the Croatian Employers’ Association etc. She received many awards, the most important ones being the Grand PRix of the Croatian Public Relations Association for contribution to the profession in 2014 and three Grand PRixes for internal and external communication projects. The International PRO PR Conference awarded Regional PR award to Snjezana Bahtijari for her outstanding work in strategic communications in 2015.

Lecture intro

Communications and Business

Nowadays, communications and business display their affection publicly and in many ways, through all communication channels and platforms, without any time, space or technological constraints. However, is that enough to be able to say that any type of communication supports business in a strategic way? In addition to knowledge, attitude and critical thinking, is it becoming a conditio sine qua non of modern business? In the digital era, is the ability to type quickly really the most important? Does technology come first or are we talking about a correlated relationship where people and their creativity are given a prominent position, while technology is there to help them? How much does the paradigm of the importance of the impact and scope of communication experts’ activities in relation to business change in the digital era? What are the characteristics of a modern-day communicator and what activities are necessary to establish a quality balance and ensure appropriateness of the impact communication has on business, a company’s culture and sustainable development? Nowadays, when new needs are created, communicators strategically contribute to the development of any business. These are just a few of the questions and dilemmas that communication strategists and PR experts have to address on a daily basis if they want to do their job well.