Photo by: Andrea Gržičić, Archive TZG Crikvenica

Holiday and relaxation go hand in hand. However, this is also a perfect opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills. The best way is to learn first-hand how local people in the past lived, worked and had fun. If you are into sport and recreation, during the summer months you can enjoy the fishing, sailing, bocce, tennis, table tennis and other sporting tournaments organised by your hosts. Set yourself a new challenge and take part in one or all three of the marathons on the Crikvenica Riviera: the biking marathon in the spring, the Šilo-Crikvenica swimming marathon in the summer (one of the oldest of its kind in the Adriatic), and the running marathon in late autumn.

For food lovers, we have prepared interesting culinary workshops during various events (Oily Fish Week, Fishermen’s Week, etc.), where you can learn how to prepare some of the traditional dishes of the region and have great fun. If you would like to try and cook new specialities in your own home, we have prepared ‘Grandma’s Cookbook’ with traditional recipes that will surely delight your guests.

Events dedicated to local history, including fishermen’s skills, juggling and hula-hoop workshops, traditional games and creative painting workshops will take place in the streets, and will be interesting to young and old visitors alike. The story does not end here: make sure you check our website regularly, as our programme always has great experiences for you.