Welcome to the 18th International PRO PR Conference

//Welcome to the 18th International PRO PR Conference

Behind us is a journey in motion for the last 18 years. We are facing a PRO PR conference that aims to share the practices and experiences of international and domestic PR professionals this year. This conference focuses on communication management topics with a strong emphasis on public relations.

The program content connects different topics, and this year participants will have the opportunity to participate in the work of 3 workshops. The conference is held under the motto ‘Rejuvenate yourself, rejuvenate public relations’ public relations are constantly being upgraded, new challenges are ahead of the profession, only connected can we create perceptions about the importance of the profession. Despite digital communication, people should not forget that without public relations, there is no quality digital communication.

I believe that all of you who have been part of the PRO PR conferences so far will have confidence in us and be with us this year, and that this year I will have the opportunity to meet new colleagues under the motto of the conference in the motion. I like to emphasize that the PRO PR conference is not a spectacle, it is focused on people and knowledge, on public relations and communication that is needed on a daily basis by everyone at all levels. Be with us, we look forward to welcoming you, welcome! 


 Danijel Koletić,  president of the organizing committee