16th PROPR Conference – Networking in motion

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The 16th international PRO PR Conference, organized by the Apriori World agency from Zagreb, will be held from 11th to 14th of April 2018 at the Mona Hotel in Zlatibor, Serbia. It is an event that has been initiated with the idea of gathering eminent experts from the field of public relations with a goal of getting familiar with the trends, specifics, and differences of the communication market, the levels of innovation and professionalism of the profession, and exchanging ideas and experiences.

During the three-day education program, participants will have the opportunity to participate in 16 lectures and two panel discussions that will be presented by prominent regional and world communications experts who will share their experiences and knowledge.

The introductory lecture will be held by Maja Jovanović, Project Manager at the Novak Đoković Foundation, followed by a lecture by Toni Tomašek from the Slovenian subsidiary of the agency Publicis One. A respected British expert, General Director of PRCA and Executive Director of ICCO, Francis Ingham, will speak about the transformation of public relations, while a member of the VTB Group of Russia, Olga Podoinitsyna, will speak about corporate authenticity.

For the first time ever, the 16th edition of the PRO PR Conference will host a lecturer from Africa, Robyn De Villiers, President of the Burson-Marsteiller Management Board from South Africa, who will talk about changes and trends in communications in the African continent.

Carlos Diaz, Director of one of the largest South American media analysis and monitoring agencies, will talk about practical examples in Argentina, while Sean Gardner will share his experience in communications in the digital sphere in the United States.

Two lectures will be dedicated to the topic of communication and public relations on television. Igor Ćutuk, Head of Communications Department and Croatian Radio Television spokesman, will lecture on the communication transformation on Croatian national television. Furthermore, Deputy Head of Slovenia’s Radio Television, Sabrina Povšič, in collaboration with her colleague Josef Hoban, the Director of Communications at Irish Radio Television, will hold a lecture on the importance of public media services and the results of the campaign that ten European public televisions carried out over the past year.

In the block of lectures on practical examples of internal communication, speakers will be Nina Redžepagić, Director of Montenegrin Public Relations Agency OR, Marija Beslać, Communication Manager in Nordeus, and Nataša Jovanović from UniCredit Bank of Serbia, who will present the implementation model of the Smart Working concept of all employees in the central bank.

Biagio Carrano, a renowned Italian communications expert with Belgrade’s address, will talk about branding the country with the help of the media. Practical experiences of public relations in culture will be presented by Communications and Marketing Director at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, Sophie Brendal, while Fiona Czerniawaska, Director of Source Global Research, will present new trends and communication directions through the presentation of global research results. A prominent Serbian communications expert and owner of the agency Represent Communications, Borislav Miljanović, will hold a lecture on the issue of digitalization of PR agencies.

This year, two panel discussions will be held. The first will be on the topic of radio journalism and public relations, which will be moderated by BBC’s Corporate Communications Director John Shield, and joined by the editors and directors of leading radio services in South-East Europe. The second panel discussion will revolve around public relations agencies and will be moderated by Marjan Novak, Editor-in-Chief of the Marketing Magazine. Directors of regional public relations agencies will participate in the mentioned discussion. Organizers expect the 16th PRO PR Conference to gather more than 200 communications experts from across the region. This is the third time that Serbia is the host of the PRO PR Conference. After Belgrade and Subotica, the conference will be held for the first time in the magnificent ambience of Zlatibor. Within the official program, two excursions will be provided to participants, enabling them to be more familiar with the beauties of this region. An award ceremony of the PRO PR Awards will be held within the framework of the conference.