Exclusive interview: prof. Mladen Radujković

Most wanted Croatian expert explains why is today’s world unimaginable without project management.
Project management professor from Zagreb, Mladen Radujković, is hard to introduce in a short manner considering that he is world renown expert with many prestigious titles and participation in many successful local and international projects. In three terms from 2007 till 2012 he was a vice-president and from 2013 till 2014 president of the most prestigious organization, International Project Management Association (IPMA). He is currently a presiding member of their Council (Council of Delegates) and at the same time a consultant at several challenging local and regional projects. He is renown profesor of Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb (where he was a dean from 2006 till 2010) and at Alama Mater Europaea in Maribor where he teaches at, under the aegis of European Science Academy, European Business Studies and at the new PhD program of Project Management. Even though he is top expert who is present in many countries, he is rarely present in Croatian media. For exclusive interview, we caught him between flights in Lisabon.
His presentation at this years PRO PR conference in Terme Tuhelj will be interesting for everybody who wants practical information for latest global trends in the world of project management.
Profesor Radujković you are wanted like a rock star. Why are the services of project management so globally popular?
Popularity of project management comes from the fact that we are living in a project world of 21st century, where there is no single individual, organization or community which doesn’t simultaneously participates in several projects. It’s impossible to count how many projects there is around us…
What is the situation with project management in Croatia and region?
Project management in Croatia and region has significantly taken off, but it still doesn’t satisfy realistic demand, both in number of experts and in the level of competence which create excellent results benefiting the organization and community.
Your area are technical sciences, more specifically civil engineering. How did the civil engineering business model became the foundation of successful way of strategic communication?
From the start of my career I’ve been into organization and project management. At the start, it was tied to civil engineering which is know for their project oriented way of doing business, but later I worked in other sectors as well.
You have a lot of obligations at several world addresses. How do you manage to coordinate your obligations towards IPMA and your classes in Zagreb and Maribor?
With many plenary lectures and invitations to teach at different universities in the world, I am always looking forward to my regular classes at University of Zagreb, where I enjoy great support and understanding for my international activities. Same situation is at the AMEU ECM in Maribor, where I am a part of dynamical team which opens new pages of development for project management.
What do you expect from PRO PR conference in Terme Tuhelj? You will be speaking about the ways project management can contribute to the community and society in whole at the afternoon panel on the April 8th. Do you see project management as a skill necessary in business the same way that computer literacy once was: a skill without which there is no successful business?
According to some world sources, projects have reached 1/3 of the share in doing business and development, so they are unavoidable in completion of the changes and development planing. Without projects, today we wouldn’t have the world as we know it. Considering all that, it is important that projects create benefits for business and community as well while taking care of the natural environment.
You once said that you accomplished far more than you planed. Do you ever use your vacation days? How do you charge your batteries for new challenges?
I have exceeded my expectations and plans many times, but I still like challenges. To rest and relax from obligations is extremely important, so I regularly take a vacation and enjoy in changes and new things I don’t usually do.