Experience Zagorje – Fairy tale on the table

Zagorje couldn’t compete with fairy tale if it didn’t have something to offer to the palates yearning for scents and tastes of the traditional and homemade cooking offered by restaurants and rural households. They leave unforgettable memories of tastes and scents of the time spent in Zagorje.
With abundance, personality and variety of natural and cultural values placed in such small area and their interweaving with today’s everyday life with friendliness, hospitality and joy, the simple joy of living, Zagorje iz a true fairy tale at hand for it’s visitors.
In those soundings of greenery, fields interweaving between meadows and forests, small villages, vineyards and chalets spread through gentle hills of Zagorje, leaning against each other are kept the fairytale-like tastes of tradition. That intoxicating smell that used to spread from village yards or noble kitchens of many Curiae and castles of Zagorje hills.
To taste the dishes of local cousine manes to meet the richness and variety which proved it self through co-existence of man and nature in preparation of everyday meals of zagorje’s villagers which are clever and simple in it’s preparation, but it also means that you can meet more demanding dishes and specialities form court kitchens which demand culinary craft and skill in preparation. From abundance of these dishes which are a true holder of delight and satisfaction it is hard to separate just a few. But you can’t miss a slice of corn circle from bread oven, cooked corn flour mush with homemade lard, Zagorje soup which combines almost all ingredients from farm garden, true homemade Zagorje štrukle with fresh cow cheese, Zagorje turkey with dumplings or pisanica Stubica, famous specialty which has been made in noble court kitchens for centuries.
They say that there is no man who doesn’t wish to be a king sat least once. To be pampered and cared for and to enjoy in delicious specialties on the plate and in a cup. Sounds like a fairy tale, but today that feeling is possible. In the hills, feeling like royalty is guaranteed. Fairy tale is in the castle, fairy tale is in the hills, fairy tale is on the table, fairy tale is in Zagorje.