Laško – Legendary No. 1 brand in region


Land with green natural vastness – from warmth of the sea to the freshness of the hills hides with in it self the birthplace of the biggest beer producer in Slovenia –Brewery Laško Union. Time has brought many changes and the devotion of citizens of Laško and love towards the golden wealth going all the way back to the 1825, has remained unshakeable. That devotion has written the legendary story, which always once again shows it’s character.


Foundation of our legendary story are our Laško products. Tradition of premium quality is made from first class ingredients, specific flavour, latest technology and most important of them all – love of beer. Even though we offer variety of diferent kinds of beer, respect of the brand was made through the most famous of them all – Laško Zlatorog. Distinctive taste with characteristic bitterness of the hop made by world renown producers form Slovenia, enriched by first class yeast and refreshed with clear water from untouched depths of local sources, for decades carries the crown of unbeatable pride. Those facts have been recognised far back, over 27 years ago, when through the word of the mouth and experience, which enabled export of 40%, has taken an important place and won hearts in many countries of the region.


Now, it continues it’s story with new legendary chapter – as a significant strategic brand within Heineken Group. With assortment of beer, still brewed according to traditional brewing methods with the best variety of hop, it continues wit strengthening excellent slovenian tradition across the region. In 2017, the plan is made for extensive communication across the region, from Slovenia to Macedonia, ready to take the top!