Hotel Zlatibor Mona builds team spirit!

Hotel Zlatibor Mona offers possibility of creating ideal team building program pursuant to the needs
and wishes of the participants. All programs and activities are of interactive character, instigate
creativity and thinking, awake sport spirit and desire to win. Your adventure will become
unforgettable, unique experience, and it is up to you to build memories! The main goal and criterion
of success of the venture is perfectly tailored team building program which contributes convergence
of the team and better mutual understanding! Wide spectrum of activities, starting point on Hotel
Zlatibor Mona and you have successful team building event!
Hereinafter are only some of the activities through which you can tell your story.
Off-road tour and complete experience of Zlatibor! Experience of original form of nature and huge
natural landscapes is additionally empowered, with the usage of off-road vehicles with the tires,
which just escapes asphalt and standard roads into known and unknown natural landscapes, striving
towards macadam roads, creeks and hills. Whichever tour you choose, it certainly will not be classic
tour of visiting nice landscapes but, during the ride, guests will feel real adventure spirit of Zlatibor!
Paragliding! The moment of preparation and immediately before the jump itself is the moment when
candidates are full with adrenalin and mixture of strong emotions. It is necessary to ward off
inevitable fear which appears in the moment when feet detach the ground and you realize that you
just took off and that between you and the ground there is nothing but the air! This fear which is
completely natural goes off in the moment when it alters with the feel of incredible power and
Quads ! Quads are designed for rough and off-road terrains. Driving the quad particularly suits the
groups which not much spare time, but have strong will to have good fun!
Paintball is more than game! With various degree of success, all of us avoid barriers and face them
on the road to desired targets. We all struggle for survival. We all have aims towards which we have
various stages of achievement. We all make risks! We learn on our mistakes and return to the battle!
As long as we are satisfied with ourselves, the fact is that we live so much fulfilled life when within
challenging fights like this one we spend our time with others, who share our values and aims.
Adventure Park Zlatibor is the biggest adrenalin park on the Balkan! It is located in the very center
of Zlatibor, on 4 ha of pine forest! If you wonder where the limits of your courage are, Adventure
park is excellent place to find it out, and why not break through! If you like adrenalin feel in the
blood, this is your real, best and the biggest adrenalin station where you can fuel up and burn the
blood in your veins!
Drina rafting! Drina Canyon is one of the deepest canyons in the world after Colorado River and Tara
River. High concentration of diluted limestone makes Drina water to have characteristic green color,
and rafting on this beautiful, peaceful river makes the feel of fullness in you, and returns liveliness to
your body, and it may serve as small relief before you enter new adventures.
Tara Rafting! It comprises descending downstream on Tara River in the boats made especially for this
purpose of overcoming and conquering Wild River i.e. its cascades and rapids. Chance to enjoy the
landscapes which provoke your feeling will be provided to you by the Canyon of Tara River, which is
the deepest in Europe, and second deepest in the world!