PR event of the year – 16th PROPR conference

I am proud to say that the PRO PR Conference has become an annual tradition which, for the last 16 years, gathers and connects communication experts from South-East Europe and from around the world. Behind this event stands a lot of persistence followed by hard work and a strong will to make every year more interesting than the other. Those of you who witnessed the beginnings of this Conference know how far we came together in our journey.

And what a journey it was! The Conference, under the motto of networking in motion, travelled around Europe, and was organized in Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and now, for the third time, in Serbia.

PRO PR Conference is only of its kind in South-East Europe and has come a long way in achieving the goal of raising the level of innovation and professionalism in public relations through the exchange of knowledge and experience. The fact that all of you recognized the importance of public relations as a modern way of interaction, communication, and implementation of cooperation is the reason why we are here today, once again. On that note, I want you to know that, before anything else, I appreciate your contribution and devotion not only to this Conference but to the profession of Public Relations in which you constantly grow for the better of its development.

I hope that we will, once again, show you that this Conference is much more than that. It is an opportunity for creating new friendships and business partnerships, as well as making lifetime memories.