Sarajevski kiseljak- the official water of the PRO.PR

Sarajevski kiseljak d.d. is the oldest, biggest and most modern mineral water bottling company in BiH with bottling tradition of over 120 years. As a leader in production and sale of mineral water in BiH, they strengthened their position primarily due to recognizable and high quality mineral water, constant modernization and improvement of production process and business as well as adapting business policy to the market conditions and consumer needs. Quality of their products, brand strength, branched distribution and strong marketing support of Sarajevski kiseljak resulted in continuous growth, development and intensifying their leader position on the Bosnia and Hercegovina market.
Natural mineral water Sarajevski kiseljak, quality wise belongs among best natural mineral waters in the world. Beside being a leader on the Bosnia and Hercegovina market, Sarajevski kiseljak has good export results and markets around 17% of total production to Croatia, USA, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Serbia and Netherlands.

 Thoughtfully continuing its growth, Sarajevski kiseljak enters new market area by expanding their production to refreshing sodas, under the brand SKY (Cola, Orange and Lemon flavours)  which are characterized by blend of original base with water from the wellspring in Kiseljak, modern design and practical container in PET packaging.

In the April od  2009 Sarajevski kiseljak launched new line of soft sodas under the brand SKI in 1,0 liter returnable packaging and broadened product range with new flavours Tonic, Mango-Orange, Apple-Mirabelle. 2010 new flavour SKI Orange, and in 2012 SKI Lemon-Zova were added to the line.
Sarajevski kiseljak keeps spreading the line of products so their customers would have wide choice of beverages. In 2013 Sarajevski kiseljak Sensation was launched and right away became an apsolute leader in the category of flavored mineral water. Same year consumers were presented with special line od Sky products; Sky Selection Bitter Lemon and Sky Selection Tangerina.
With the tradition of over 120 years, Sarajevski kiseljak remains the same today, natural product that isn’t obsoleting, but goes ahead of times, follows world trends and increases value and market position.
Sarajevski kiseljak, brand with exceptional quality is awarded with many domestic and international recognitions.
ISO 22000
Sarajevski kiseljak d.d. adopted and implemented ISO22000:2005 standard in 2007, and by doing that became one of the first companies in the region that is using new system of managing security of food products. Certification was conducted by famous French organisation Bureau Veritas Certification.
ISO 14001
Sarajevski kiseljak d.d., as a socially responsible company implemented standard ISO 14001 in 2011, which standardized environmental management and showed concern for the local natural habitat. Doing so they commit to keeping track of modern trends in environmental protection and sustainable development as well as the developing their own environment managing system using the best praxis according to the international norm standard ISO 14000.
The most preferred employer in BiH in 2011 and 2012
According to the research of the web portal that was conducted two years in a row, Sarajevski kiseljak d.d. is one of the most preferred employers in the production and sales sector. The names of the companies in the research weren’t offered beforehand and the selection was based entirely on the perception of the consumers that stated companies they wanted to work for.
BH brand number 1
Natural mineral water Sarajevski kiseljak was appointed BH brand number 1 in the category of mineral waters in 2007 by independent Agency for selecting the best managers in Zenica.
Superior Taste Award
Sarajevski kiseljak is for the sixth year in the row proud winner of prestigious international award Superior Taste Award. International Quality and Taste Institute (ITQI) from Brussel, among a strong competition, rated Sarajevski kiseljak with the highest grade and rewarded it with prestigious award Superior Taste Award. Sarajevski kiseljak scored the maximum of three stars for excellent flavour and superior quality. In todays world, when attracting consumers and winning their trust is more challenging than ever, this reward guarantees and confirms that the product with the Superior Taste Award sign stands out in the market.
Sarajevski kiseljak is sixth year in the row placed among the top domestic and international brands in BiH by international organization Superbrands, independent and global authority in branding. Carrying the Superbrands BiH recognition confirms recognizable and high quality as well as the strength of Sarajevski kiseljak brand.
Best Buy AWARD
Sarajevski kiseljak was rated as the mineral water with best price and quality ratio, which was confirmed by Best buy 2013/2014 in BiH certificate