Selfness in Terme Tuhelj- take your life in your own hands

Selfness is, at its most simple, encouragement and learning about healthier and better way of life which is connected to long term effects which will manifest in a life of an individual.
Hoe to relax? How to listen to yourself and others? How to grow? How to overcome obstacles in everyday life? How to accept and believe in yourself?
All the answers to those questions are offered in selfness approach. It is a specialized approach which encompasses entire working of Well hotel, from front desk, over wellness to gastronomy, so we can educate the guest and encourage them to make necessary changes in their life. The effect of selfness approach is the feeling of the change which guests experience in a very short period, because they feel better, healthier, happier and are additional educated how to make those short term effects in to long term ones. We are all aware that we should eat healthier, exercise and think about our self’s, but selfness teaches us how to truly make those changes and be and feel younger.
Selfness means to embrace your habits and with help of different methods and experts advance your lifestyle and improve your health and feel better about yourself. It also means to do something good for yourself and make a momentary relaxation in a long term change in your organism. It’s an upgrade to wellness where individual takes care of themselves, becomes aware of their bad habits, finds a solution for their problems and improves their life making them more satisfied and fulfilled. Then you establish balance between spiritual and material, private and business and the problems are solved more quickly and efficiently, you use preventive measures to achieve balance in your organism and get to self-realization and inner pleasure. All selfness programs are designed in a way to follow individuals on a path to their realization by establishing contact between trainer, who follows during the path, and guest which creates balance between physical, spiritual and emotional levels.