Zagorje: food and wine

They say there is no man alive, who didn’t wish to be a king at least once. To be pampered and enjoy in delicious things on the plate and in glass

Sounds like a fairy tale, but today such feeling is possible. All you have to do is take a detour to wine paths of Zagorje. Because the English Court has imported turkey and mlinci over those roads and today in London they rave about sweet ice vintages of Zagorje. In the hills, the royal treatment is guaranteed. Fairy tale is on the court, fairy tale is on the hill, fairy tale is on the table, fairy tale is in Zagorje.Magical is the labirint of wine paths of Zagorje. It is unforgettable because it leads over top of the hills with a breathtaking view. It is inspirational because it is made from sunny green vineyards, old homes, calloused hands and welcoming smiles. It is irresistible because it combines tastes of juicy baked turkeys and carefully cultivated wine list. Pleasant is the wind which carries the sound of local songs. In such labirint no one is lost.It is impossible to be lost near Budišćina, even though that is where the biggest vineyard is located- renowned Vinski vrh. That is because whoever comes and closes their eyes, fairies will lead them to the restaurant in which local delicacies are accompanied with unique blues of Zagorje mouth organ. In the area around Stubice, underneath thick wood of Sljeme, unique offer of dishes from Sljeme’s mushrooms draws you to Lojzekova hiža.

The one who listens to the sounds of clear streams will not be lost either, because the wooden wheel of Majsec mill invites to lunch worth remembering. To those whose heart beats harder, you will always find your “vuglec“ (local dialect for corner, special place). Romantic “Vuglec Breg“ is the best choice in such case, because what is more romantic then local delicacies and champagne from the “oven of granny Roza“ served in old hiža of Zagorje. For those who follow the story of the unhappy love of Veronika Desinić, of which people speak today in “Grešna Gora“ next to Desinić, will also not be lost. But just to mention, there is more talk about excellent bučnica or zlevanka. Klet Kozjak next to Sveti Križ Začretje lures to their hill with unique goat cheese, which has been proven as an excellent base to enjoyment in their wine selection.

You can also learn a lot about wines and local specialities – restaurant “Stara škola“ is one such place. They offer unique meals made from locally grown,daily fresh eco products and produce of forests, fields and farms of Zagorje. One of them are unavoidable “štruklji“- which are offered with pride in all restaurant in Zagorje, but to eat them in Zelenjak next to national memorial on river Sutla is a special experience. So is the food and local wine tasting in Masena with unforgettable view of hills. Every hill in Zagorje has and cherishes their wine story. There are countless number of them – so we are only highlighting two. Only in Zagorje in Klanjec there is a wine sort called sokol (hawk). Centuries has survived only 20 vines in Franciscan monastery and they give mighty wine which reminds us of French Traminer and which must be tasted. Same can be said for ice vintages of the absolute winner of wine competitions, Boris Drenški. On the worlds wine Olympus, he climbed on known London Wine Fair and secret of specific sweetness of his wines comes from the effect which low temperatures have on traditionally sour taste of Zagorje’s wines making them in sweet wine pearls.

Fairy tale is in the glass, fairy tale is sweet, fairy tale is in Zagorje.