The Rise of Populism

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The Rise of Populism

Who to believe? Post truth, with fake news, facts challenged by alternative facts, deintermediaryization is feeding the -isms … populism, nationalism, localism, racism, extremism, radicalism. In a connected world is all opinion, informed or ill-informed, equally valid whatever the consequences? This session will focus on what it means for us, our profession. Does it imply a thorough, disruptive and dramatic self critical review of our practices, tools, value and principles?
Thinking globally – Richard Linning and Toni Muzi Falconi – acting locally (representatives of regional media groups).

Toni Muzi Falconi

Director and Senior Consultant at Methodos

A public relations expert who has gained his experience working for Stanic Industria Petrolifera, 3M Italia, l’Espresso and Fabbri Editori.
Created and founded MF Communications (1974/76), SCR Associati, later to become Shandwick (1976-1994), On/Off interactive solutions (94-96), Methodos (1996/today). Has been president of Idom (Impresa Domani) and of IPR (Public Relations Institute)), vice president and president of Ferpi (Italian Public Relations Federation), the only non parliamentary member of Committee on Communication in the Chamber of Deputies 1998-99 and Secretary General of the 9th June Committee on electoral reform (1992-93). Scientific Consultant in 2000-2001 on the targeted project “Integrated Communication for Reform” set up by the Ministry of Public Functions and coordinator in 1999 of the National Conference on Information Technology Updating by the year 2000, promoted by the government. President and founder of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management. Today, he lectures on global and public affairs on the Master in Public Relations and Corporate Communication course at NYU (New York), on public affairs at the Luiss government school and on public relations at LUMSA.

Richard Linning

Past President of IPRA

A professional communicator for more years than he cares to admit, Richard Linning recently completed a period as Project Coordinator, EU Public Diplomacy and Outreach – Vietnam, attached to the European Union Embassy in Ha Noi, Vietnam. Journalist, public relations consultant, lobbyist for companies and countries, issue advocate and educator – he has been them all in assignments which have taken him to all he continents. As President of the International Public Relations Association he led the restructuring of IPRA to reflect the language and cultural diversity within its membership. He is a strong advocate for ethical public relations practice. Richard is no stranger to South East Europe. He has participated in PROPR conferences since their inception. His European Union and World Bank funded projects in the region have included communication for judicial and structural reform, the fight against corruption and pre EU accession. He was made an Honorary Fellow of the Senate of the University of Bucharest in recognition of his contribution to the promotion of the free flow of information as a key component of a the development of a democratic society. While Scholar-in-Residence at the Center for Global Public Relations, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Richard continued his contribution to the promotion of the pr craft as lecturer, mentor and author of articles on ethical and other public relations practice issues. Today he fobs off any questions about his retirement.


Marjan Novak, Editor-in-Chief at Marketing Magazine (Slovenia)

Darko Buković, Ediotr-in-Chief at Privredni vjesnik (Croatia)

Elmir Huremović, General manager at FENA newsagency (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Robert Čoban, CEO at Color Press Group (Serbia)

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