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About Zlatibor

Zlatibor is a mountain of exceptional beauty. It is a pleasant climate, a mild climate, spacious slopes, lush pastures paved with mountain streams and covered with pine apes that this mountain got its name. It is located on the main road Belgrade – Montenegrin coast. It is 230 km from Belgrade, and from Uzice 25 km. The average altitude is 1000 meters, and the plateau of the plateau is surrounded by the peaks of Tornik, at the same time the highest peak with 1496 m, then Čigota, Brijač, Viogor and a number of other smaller altitudes.

The first inhabitants of Zlatibor were the Illyrians, then the Romans, and afterwards these settlements were inhabited by the Slavs. From these periods on Zlatibor there are remains of tumulus and hillocks. By the mid-nineteenth century, today’s area of ​​Zlatibor was called Rujno, and later this name was completely suppressed and more and more mentioned the name Zlatibor, which this mountain is still a new, as well as a tourist settlement located in the center of the mountain.

The Zlatibor highlands are bounded by rivers: Uvac, Kamisin and Sušica. In the middle of Zlatibor flows the river Crni Rzav, and the eastern part of the river Prishtevica and Katusnica.

It is noteworthy that Zlatibor received the first tourists in 1750, but by the end of the XIX century, the stay on the mountain was pure fashion and luxury. In 1893, more precisely on the 19th of August, the King of Serbia, Aleksandar Obrenovic, stayed on the holiday of the Transfiguration of the Lord on Zlatibor, and from this date begins the organized development of tourism on Zlatibor. After the royal visit, the interest for Zlatibor is growing and on this mountain there are no wooden summerhouses, villas, hotels sanatoriums and other facilities.

Today Zlatibor is a modern tourist center with developed different types of tourism and equally well developed winter and summer tourist season. The tourist center, if the wider area of ​​the mountain is characterized by numerous diverse contents that complement the stay of guests of Zlatibor.

Zlatibor as a modern tourist and convention center

Zlatibor is today a modern tourist center and one of the most visited destinations in Serbia and the region. Zlatibor has 10 high category hotels, categorized with 4 stars, 30 holiday resorts, three exclusive apartment complexes, a large number of private boarding houses, villas for rent, houses for renting, as well as rural households that are equipped with the abandonment of tourists. The number of beds in hotels and resorts is about 5000, while in private places the number of beds exceeds 10 000.

Camp Zlatibor has been opened at Zlatibor, which is categorized with a maximum of 3 stars. The camp is located near the main Belgrade – Montenegrin coast, 500 meters away from the tourist center. The camp consists of 60 camping units and more tent locations on an area of ​​2 hectares in the beautiful ambient of the pine forest.

Hotels of high categories located in Zlatibor have large capacities for the congress turm. Well-developed congress tourism boasts hotels Paliasad and Mona, which have large-capacity congress halls, equipped with modern technology that has all the necessary conditions to successfully hold conferences, symposia, seminars and other business meetings.

Sport tourism

Zlatibor, as a stratified plateau, has an average elevation of 1,000 meters, is extremely suitable for sports and recreation. Due to its natural characteristics reflected by the air-breathing air, long insolation, ideal altitude and air pressure, which influences the work of the heart and blood pressure, Zlatibor has become an important sports and recreational tourist center.

Zlatibor has excellent conditions for preparing top sportsmen, recreationalists and those who want to improve their physical condition. Tourist and sports facilities are equipped for the preparation of individual athletes, but the scanned sports teams and teams.

The most popular and attractive team sport in the world is football, and right here in Zlatibor, in addition to exceptional climatic conditions, a good basis for basic preparations is complemented by modern infrastructure enriched with new facilities. Zlatibor has six terrains, two of them with artificial grass, located in the immediate vicinity of the center.

For the ultimate preparation of basketball teams, there is a sports hall located within the Sports and Tourism Center, and there is also a sports hall in Čajetina. Every year Zlatibor is hosting a large number of basketball camps with well-known eminent tournaments and organizers.

There are two courts for volleyball, as well as two courts for handball and small sports. Ten players have four terrains in the hotel Palisad, which is a slug bed, two terrains in the student shelter Ratko Mitrovic as well as tennis courts Springs, located in a beautiful natural environment, 2.5 km away from the center of Zlatibor.

Active tourism

Zlatibor is a mountain of adventure, the right place for an active holiday of all guests. What is known and why visitors of Zlatibor enjoy the walks, one of the healthiest forms of recreation. Numerous paths and paths through meadows and forests are suitable for walks of varying intensity, and in the tourist center there are conditions for circular walks. The most beautifully decorated hiking trail is certainly the one that leads from the center to the monument on the Šumatsko Brdo, which represents the favorite promenade of all guests.

The numerous peaks of Zlatibor are ideal hiking trails. Mountain terrains, which are marked by marked hiking trails and viewpoints on the peaks from which there are wide views of the environment, are the reasons why Zlatibor should be visited. One of the most beautiful gazeboards is arranged at the top of Gradina, where a telescope is also set up to better understand the environment.

Due to gentle climbs and slopes, riding a bicycle is a real pleasure for lovers of this sport. Longer routes for mountain biking can be taken from Zlatibor to Mokra Gora, as well as on the top of Tornik, where there are marked paths for mountain riding. In the tourist center you can rent bicycles on several locations and enjoy in rounds around the surrounding area.

Sports and recreational riding are activities that all generations enjoy. Horse riding is possible at two locations, the first ranch is “Farm”, and the second ranch “Zova”. Horse clubs are licensed trainers for riding training and trained horses. In addition to the riding school, there is a possibility of tourist, outdoors riding, as well as riding a car.

Zlatibor has ideal conditions for the development of extreme sports. Due to the appropriate terrain and the appropriate air currents paragliding is very much present. The tops of Čigota and Tornik are the favorite paragliders flights, and during the year there are numerous paragliding competitions.

Especially attractive is the renting of quads that can be introduced in an exciting way to the surroundings of Zlatibor and enjoy the true blend of adrenaline and untouched nature.

Adventure Park and Dino Park

Adventure park Zlatibor is the biggest adrenaline park in the Balkans dedicated to sports entertainment for children and adults. It is located in the very center of Zlatibor, an acre of 4 hectares of pine forest, at the location above the Zlatibor market. In addition to the training school for education on the use of the adrenaline park elements, 4 paths have been formed which require different readiness of the adventurer: Vrtić, Tarzan, Izazov and Džungla.

At Zlatibor, a new fun park “Dino Adventure Park” is under construction. This will be another of the many attractions that Zlatibor will complement its tourist offer. In addition to 24 interactive dinosaurs, Dino Park will have other entertainment facilities, such as a 12D cinema, a skating rink, an adrenaline park, an artificial rock climbing platform, a playroom, a summer stage, a restaurant and a pizzeria.

Ski center Tornik

Ski center Tornik is the largest ski resort in Zlatibor. It is 9 km from the tourist center of Zlatibor and is located at an altitude of 1110 m to 1490 m. The ski resort has 4 ski trails (Čigota, Tornik, Ribnica and Zmajevac), a modern six-seater lift with a capacity of 3000 skiers per hour, speeds of 5 m / s with 99 seats and a length of 1650 m. In addition to the ski lift, the ski center also has two smaller ski resorts Lift-type anchor, as well as a baby ski lift for beginners.

Ski center Tornik is also in operation during the summer tourist season when guests can enjoy summer fun activities such as: panoramic ski lift, bob in the tracks, a touring track, adventure park, zip line, mini golf, multifunctional sports fields. There is a particularly intuitive possibility to rent maps and mountain bikes, because there are well-organized mountain bike trails in Tornik. In addition to entertaining items, the offer is supplemented by three coffee shops where visitors can rest and enjoy in the magical mountain.

Excursions on Zlatibor

Zlatibor is a tourist destination that is distinguished by a multitude of diverse content. In addition to entertaining recreational activities that can be practiced, Zlatibor has the opportunity to organize a rich excursion program in the surrounding area. On tour of the site you can go in your own organization or in the organization of the tourist agencies from Zlatibor. The Stopica cave, the Old Village Museum and the Knitting Museum in Sirogojno, the Gostilje waterfall are just some of the sites that are arranged for tourist visits. In addition to these sites, the excursions from Zlatibor are organized to Mokra Gora, Drvengrad and Šarganske osmica, the National Park Tara, the Uvac reserve, the Mileševa Monastery, and it is possible to visit the restaurants of the local gastronomic specialties.

Health tourism

Due to the moderate climate and extremely pleasant ambience, Zlatibor has been known for years as a mountain suitable for rest, recovery and healing. Thanks to the specific climate and characteristic air currents, continental and mediterranean this area is considered an air spa. On the mountain there is a so-called “rosé wind” – the attainment of continental and mediterranean air currents, which accelerate the treatment and recovery from many lungs and heart oils and especially diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and malnutrition.

Natural healing factors include: very clean air and dry air, low air pressure and high insolation, over 2,000 sunny hours a year.

Bearing in mind that the atmospheric pressure on Zlatibor is extremely favorable, that the entire central plateau, with its geographical location, is sheltered from the cold air streams, staying on this mountain will favorably improve the blood picture, primarily on the rise in blood hemoglobin in the blood and increase Red blood cell counts. Based on these conclusions, Zlatibor was proclaimed a therapeutic area for all acute and chronic diseases of the respiratory organs, thyroid gland and anemia of all forms.

Today Zlatibor has capacities, personnel and equipment that make it extremely suitable for providing services in health tourism. The leading institution is the Special Hospital for Digestive Diseases and Metabolic Disease “Zlatibor” – Cigota, and most of the hotels offer various services that can improve the general health condition of the guests.

There are many hotels in Zlatibor that have wellness & spa centers.

Traditional herbal treatment

Zlatibor is known as a place with an extremely diverse grassy flora. The inhabitants of this region have used this benefit for a long time and have sought medicine in various causeways and herbal mixtures. In addition, guests can also get to know themselves with Zlatibor medicinal herbs in the botanical gardens in the center.

Stopic cave

Stopic cave is a protected natural well, a monument of nature and a true pearl of Zlatibor. The cave has an impressive entrance at 711m above sea level, 35m wide and 18m high. It is arranged for tourist visits and is one of the most visited attractions on Zlatibor.

The cave trademark are very rare bathtubs that are distinguished by their specificity and attractiveness. They were formed by sedimentation of limestone and represent the depressions edged with stone walls, curly, which water accumulates. Bathtubs are periodically flooded, and their size and depth, some up to 7m, are distinguished from others in Serbia. Thanks to new sand trails and platforms, cave lighting, the cave has got a completely new and very attractive look. In the cave there is another interesting phenomenon, the waterfall “Source of Life”, which presents a unique attraction.


Zlatibor is a touristic center that completes its offer by organizing numerous cultural and entertainment events. The most famous and most visited manifestations are those traditionally organized every year on Zlatibor: the New Year’s Eve on King’s Square, the Trumpet Festival as a pre-competition for Guca, the Sports Film Festival, the Hills up music festival, the Festival of folk dance for kids “Licidersko” Heart, Erski kabare , as well as the Zlatibor cultural summer festival, which every year gathers a large number of guests thanks to the concerts of famous musicians and singers.

Rural tourism

Zlatibor is a mountain of highly developed rural tourism. In the villages of Zlatibor region, a large number of households are successfully engaged in rural tourism, and thanks to beautiful landscapes, attractive nature and both natural and cultural rarities and ascents, each village has a special character and its own seal, which is why it is worth visiting.