Nina Redžepagić

>Nina Redžepagić was born on June 1, 1982 in Podgorica. She is a film producer and communications specialist in the area of environment, energy and banking. She studied Theater and television history and criticism at the DAMS Faculty of the University of Bologna. She obtained a degree in Multimedia directing at the ESRA Academy in Skopje, after which she enrolled in a Master’s degree program in Production. She is theowner of OR company from Podgorica, which actively deals with multiple activities: production and organization of events, strategic communications, repair and restoration of antiques, collecting, film and theater production. She is a long-standing EU and UNDP expert in the field of strategic communication. For years, her company has been taking care of corporate image or event management of important Montenegrin companies such as Hipotekarna banka, Uniprom Group, CEDIS, Montenegrin Telekom, Elektroprivreda and many others. She is a lecturer at CEPI school for communications, as well as a communications trainer for many companies.

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