Communication as the Basis of Successful Development Policies

Panel intro:

Communication as the Basis of Successful Development Policies

Communicating in public administration has never been so complex and complicated as it is today, but at the same time, it has never been more interesting.Communication in today’s highly computerised society facilitate social networks, mobile devices and applications and for that reason, it is easier for public to have numerous possibilities to get the needed information. That’s why the PR pros (PR experts) are placed in special position. Communication of public administration is a postulate of better and more successful society and safe local community. On this panel, we will address issues of public relations in the european and regional framework. The aim of the panel is to respond questions related to standards of proactive content making and how the economic crisis affected on budgets for developing communication? We are going to talk about communication in the 22nd century (???) and synergy of public relations and protocol. The topic of today’s panel will be an interweaving of political and administrative communication and concepts alternative facts and possibilities of open data platforms. We don’t have the ambition to give thesis that will chang the world, but we have the intention to speak more openly about the issue that is still deficient and that is branding of the public communication and strengthening of communicators who, by their work, directly effects on democratic processes in society.

Melita Pavlek

General Secretary at Croatian County Association

Melita Pavlek was born in Koprivnica. After she finished with her degree in design, she also completed one in journalism and a Master’s degree in Local Democracy and Development on Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb. She also went through additional vocational training in London School of Public Relations. She has been working in public relations over eight years with accent on PR in institutions and associations. As an expert, she is most dedicated to relations with local communities, influencing cvil initiatives in bringing and forming policies and encouraging educations for active participation in democracy. Guided with those goals she published a paper about social capital in Croatia on the example of the research in Koprivnica. She worked as a associate in marketing teams, with civil society organizations and over 10 years as a part-time associate with local radio stations and weekly newspapers. Before her current position as a General Secretary of the Croatian Association of Counties, she worked as a communication consultant and protocol officer in Koprivnica-Križevci County. As a part of the project „ALPHABET OF COMMUNICATION“ on which she collaborate with her collages Dražen Dretar and Zvjezdana Galkowski, she authored a short manual for communicating in local community. She organized many panel discussions, round tables and seminars about communicating on social media, political marketing and protocol.


Dražen Dretar, Head of PR and Protocol at City of Varaždin

Marija Jovović, Head of Corporate Communications at Cedis

Violeta Cvetkovska, PR Manager at the Karpos Municipality

Aljoša Kirič, Senior Advisor at the Municipality of Maribor

Ivana Đurić, Assistant Director at Communications and Training Department at European Integration Office of the Government of Serbia

Admir Katica, Deputy Chief of Staff at High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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