PR- Bridge Between the Brand and the Consumer

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PR – Bridge Between the Brand and the Consumer

Good news travel fast and far. It’s an old maxim which can be combined with even older one: there’s no such thing as bad marketing. Of course, neither is an absolute truth, but we can definitively learn from them both about what presents itself as a crucial mission of every brand in modern business conditions and which are reflected in a need of constant, everyday communication with its consumers and market.
The times of just putting a product on a shelf and expecting good sales results are long past. Product is turning into a brand, which is then realized in consumer’s consciousness and to stay there long-term, good PR is a necessity; constant and consistent spreading of the messages and values which brand guarantees. In that sense PR doesn’t have to represent the foundation of the brand but it definitively breathes life into it.
More about first hand experiences about this topic, we will talk to the experts form regional company’s which do and live this job on day to day basis.


Goran Pavlović

Editor-in-Chief at Jatrgovac

Born in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where I finished primary school and high school. Went to Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb, where I studied Journalism. From 2002 to 2007 worked in Orbico Group, largest distribution company in Europe, at the position of deputy chief of warehousing operations. As Deputy Editor in Chief of specialized magazine and news portal for retail Suvremena trgovina I worked from 2007 to 2009. Year after that I started working in Ja TRGOVAC magazine and news portal as Executive editor. Starting from 2016 I was promoted to the current position of Editor in Chief.


Nataša Pucar, Corporate Communications Director at Bimal

Jernej Smisl, Corporate Affairs Manager at Pivovarna Laško Union

Olivera Nikodijević, Marketing Director at Carnex

Željko Jelić, PR Manager at Badel 1862

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