Goran Pivarski

Croatia and B&H Communications and Philanthropies Lead at Microsoft

Goran has been working in communications since 2002 and has gained valuable experience in different areas of public relations. He began his career in public relations in the leading PR agencies in Croatia where he acquired expertise in many industry sectors. After eight years he took over the position of Communication manager in the holding company LURA Grupa and led external and internal communication on 9 markets where the member companies of the holding (pharmaceutical, logistics and FMCG companies) operated. After that period and prior to the employment in Microsoft he was spokesperson in the Ministry of Health and in charge of overall communication strategy and its implementation. He worked closely with the minister and other top state officials. Currently, he is working as Communication and Philanthropies Lead for Microsoft Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and primarily he is focused on positioning the company in the community by running various global and local projects, especially in the public sector.
Goran has experience in strategic, corporate and crisis communication, product PR, furthermore in positioning top executives in the media and the business community, CSR and social networks. For two years he was member of the Board of Croatian Public Relations Associations. Before his career in PR he worked as a TV reporter and editor in print magazine, which was of great help to understand how the media, one of the main stakeholders for PR, works.

Lecture intro:

Empowering Education System with Digital Skills

Microsoft is known around the globe for its innovation, world-leading products, and technology solutions development. Many do not know the focus on education which is a top global issue for government leaders around the world. Core to our mission is creating immersive and inclusive learning experiences that inspire lifelong learning. Moreover, Microsoft is committed to steer students towards careers in STEM since there is a shortage of experts from these areas on the global market.

Conveying information on new technologies, showcasing new tools in education or introducing new digital skills are essentially important in preparing youth for challenges they will face in the future. Public relations play an important role in that process, equally through the popularization of coding, new software or in teaching the youth about safety on the internet. You can learn more about Microsoft education program and global and local PR projects that help reach more people and influence their interest in the future and career choice.

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