PRO.PR Awards Set of rules



Mr. Danijel Koletić, Founder and President of the international PRO.PR Conference Organizing Committee’s decided to establish PRO.PR Awards. Based on that decision took form the present Set of Rules.


Art. 1.
PRO.PR Conference is a regional PR and communication management conference that began its work and activities in 2002, organised by the specialized PR agency Apriori Communication. In accordance with its mission and vision it tooks place in a different Southeastern or Central european state or city every year.

Art. 2.
The annual awards known under the collective term PRO.PR Awards are assigned on the occasion of PRO.PR Conference’s tenth anniversary.

Art. 3.
PRO.PR Awards is the collective term for the awards whose main goal is the promotion of the PR profession and communication management through individuals and cities.


Art. 4.
PRO.PR Awards concists of the following categories: PRO.PR Award, PRO.PR Vision City Award and PRO.PR Vision Manager Award.

Art. 5.
PRO.PR Award is an annual award assigned to individuals from the PR profession. The nominees promote the PR profession through their activities and projects.

Art. 6.
PRO.PR Vision City Award is the annual award assigned to the city where PRO.PR Conference takes place in the current year. The award is assigned to those cities that made additional publicity, inside and outside the national borders through cultural, sports or economic event or architectural landmarks or any other valuable landmark.

Art. 7.
PRO.PR Vision Manager Award is the annual award assigned to the CEO, director of the company, director of a sports association, director of a cultural institution or to a person in charge of a non-profit organization, who maintained or created positive publicity to one of the following activities: market placement of new products, management of a project of national interest, investment in sponsorship, donations, CSR strategy or any other activity that significantly improves the publicity and the perception of the nominee’s organization .


Art. 8.
President of the Organizing Committee (hereinafter referred to as: President) is also PRO.PR Conference founder who, based on media analysis of information accessible to the public, decides to whom it belongs the PRO.PR Vision Manager Award.

Art. 9.
Every year the President will nominate a Coordinator responsible for the communication with all the Organization Committee members, with the members of the Board and the annual prizewinners. Also, he nominates the Deputy who will deliver the award to the prizewinners who where not able to attend to the awarding ceremony or were not able to send someone to receive the award in their place.

Art. 10.
PRO.PR Conference Organization Committee takes into consideration all the individuals who put into effect organisational and operative activities on the territory of at least 6 Southeastern or Central european states where the PRO.PR Conference takes places.

Art. 11.
The minimum number of the PR.PRO Award Board members is 5 (five), while the maximum number is 9 (nine).

Art. 12.
PRO.PR Vision City Board takes into consideration all the individuals from the PR and Communication Management professions from all around the world and determines the annual PRO.PR Vision City Award winner. The PRO.PR Vision City bord consists of the President and the board with at least 5 (five) members and at most 9 (nine) members.

Art. 13.
The work of the Board will be defined by the President directly or through the Coordinator in written form and will suggest the lists oft he nominees.

Art. 14.
The duty of the members of the Boards consists of mutually exchanging information about the Nominees in written or oral form and of submitting their decision to the Conference’s official lawyer and to Mr. Danijel Koletić within the prescribed deadline .

Art. 15.
The Members of the Boards may, for private or other reasons, announce their resignation to the President or to the Conference’s official lawyer in written form at least 3 (three) months prior to the awarding ceremony. One ceases to be a member of the Board if his or her actions calls into question the PRO.PR Conference reputation and consequently the reputation of the PR profession itself.

Art. 16.
The President determines the PRO.PR Conference Organizing Commitee Members as well as the Members of the Boards at latest 4 (four) months before the start of PRO.PR Conference.



Art. 17.
The annual PRO.PR Award is assigned to individual working in the PR profession, in praxis or through scientific research for ten or more years. The work and the activities of the Nominee are proved by their CV, which can be followed through the media.

Art. 18.
The Organizing Committee President determines the annual PRO.PR Award winner through previous consultation with the PRO.PR Award Board Members in accordance with the following criteria: publishing activity, television appearances, lectures at conferences, congresses, forums, debates and other activities related to the PR and Communication Management profession.


Art. 19.
The President suggests the annual PRO.PR Vision City Award to the PRO.PR Vision City Award Board. The recommendation is to be accompanied with a written motivation. A maximum of two cities are to be suggested.

Art. 20.
The annual PRO.PR Vision City Award is to be delivered to the Mayor, but it does not belong to him or her.


Art. 21.
The annual PRO.PR Vision Manager Award is to be assigned by the President on basis of media releases and analysis that will be undertaken by the President with third parties in oral or written form.

Art. 22.
The President has the obligation to inform the PRO.PR Conference Organizing Commitee and the PRO.PR Award Board of his decision no later than 30 (thirty) days and, if needed to submit an explanation in written or oral form.


Art. 23
Annual PRO PR INFIGO award will be presented by President according to his own choice. The award is being established on ocassion of the 15th PRO PR Conference and it is dedicated to the individuals whose area of interest is journalism, science or culture and who as a presenter of an independent body actively promotes importance of communication.
Awarded person should not be involved in politics.


Art. 24
All the annual PRO.PR Awards are to be delivered during the PRO.PR Conference ceremony that will be previously determined by the President and the PRO.PR Conference Organizing Committee Members.

Art. 25
The nomination process for all the annual awards is to be completed at the earliest 6 (six) months before the Ceremony and at the latest 2 (two) months before the Ceremony. Every Committee Member, from the date of appointment, each Organizing Committee Member has the right to submit the proposed PRO.PR Awards nominations to the President within 15 days.

Art. 26
A Nominee can not be a person who is an active politician in an institution or a body of a state and/or political party, or a military officer.
If an individual is nominated, and is later established that the aforementioned Nominee is prosecuted in a case, the details of which devalue the PR profession itself, or is prosecuted in a case for devaluing human life, his nomination is withdrawn and as such ceases to be.

Art. 27
In case that a prizewinner is not able to accept one of the annual PRO.PR Awards, he or she is obliged to appoint in written form a person that will recieve the award in his or her name. In exceptional circumstances, if there is nobody to receive the award, the award will be delivered by the President separately or by a Deputy, in accordance with Article 10 of this Set of Rules. Representatives of the media shall be duly informed.


Art. 28
Any modification of this Set of Rules can be suggested to the Organization Committee Members by the President once a year, at the latest 7 (seven) months before the annual Ceremony.

Art. 29
The President suggests the modifications in written form to the PRO.PR Conference Organizing Committee and to the members of the Boards. Each member of the aforementioned Boards can comment the modifications within 8 (eight) days. In case of a modification of the present Set of Rules all the Boards Members will have access to the modifications, as well as the public.

Art. 30
The present Set of Rules is a public document which can be commented in written form by individuals. All the remarks and suggestions will be taken into account and answered within one month.

Art. 31
The present Set of Rules has been adopted on December 7 2016

President of Organizing Board PRO.PR Conference
Danijel Koletić

PRO.PR Awards winners 2017

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