Maxim Behar

ICCO President and CEO at M3 Communications Group, Inc.

Maxim Behar is a leading Public Relations expert, Founder, Chief Executive and Chairman of the Board of Directors of M3Communications Group, Inc. – a leading company in the field of Public and Media relations in Bulgaria. In 2015 MaximBehar was elected President of ICCO – the largest and most influential global organization of Public Relations professionals and practitioners. Maxim Behar uses his wide experience and strong presence in many countries all over the world in his daily PR and international business activities. He is currently Chairman of the Board of World Communications Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of For Our Children Foundation, Vice-President of The Atlantic Clubin Bulgaria and many more.
Mr. Behar is engaged in the social and cultural life of the country. Maxim is also a practitioner and a believer in the idea of a more ethical world. He served as Chairman of the Board of the Bulgarian Association of PR agencies (2009-2011), and is now a Member of the Board. While he was studying he began his career as a journalist in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, and Poland and this shaped his future career. He remained active in journalism until 1995. Mr. Behar is a polyglot fluent in Bulgarian, English, Czech, Polish and Russian.

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