Yogesh Joshi

President of the Association of Business Communicators of India

For PR professionals in India the name ‘Yogesh Joshi’ evokes much admiration. They know him as the man who showed them how to reach for the stars, and demonstrated that being ‘Indian’ and being ‘world-class’ are not mutually exclusive. Mr Joshi earned this respect and admiration by single-handedly elevating the PR profession to its international status. It is also his transformative work which prompted industry bosses to acknowledge the power and role of communication in keeping their businesses running smoothly.
Mr Joshi is currently President of the Association of Business Communicators of India, better known as ABCI. It is a forum, a mission that was started in 1956-57 by the late Mr Victor Paranjyoti to recognise and reward excellence in creative business communication. Since 2004, when Mr Joshi was elected President for the first time he has repeatedly proven himself a dynamic leader and true torchbearer by taking ABCI past new frontiers and milestones every year. Over the years, he has built up a body of work and accomplishments that continues to inspire the professional community. In the process, he has also revealed different facets of his personality: he is at once visionary, strategist, pioneer, hands-on leader and game-changer. So far in his Presidency tenure of 12 years, Mr Joshi has introduced several path-breaking initiatives and innovative themes. These have significantly helped in building ABCI membership. In October 2016, Mr Joshi introduced Brand India Summit (BIS). Conceptualized by Mr Joshi, BIS was co-hosted and conducted by ABCI and Brand India Summit Foundation of which he is Founder & President. The unique event sparkled like a precious jewel dug out from the depths of India’s history.

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