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Influencing and Changing Public Relations

As a part of the conference, the PRO PR Globe Awards will be held as well. You can find more information about the awards on this website. 

I would like to thank every lecturer, participant, sponsor, tourist board employee, hotel employee and anyone else who has been a part of the conference motto: NETWORKING IN MOTION. With pride and joy, I would like to welcome you to the PRO PR Conference. 

Danijel Koletić, Founder and CEO PRO PR Conference

The PRO.PR Conference was established in 2003 with an idea about providing active communication among Public Relation experts from South-East and Central Europe. At that time, public relations was an undeveloped profession in this area. The PRO PR conference is today the leading gathering of experts in the field of public relations.

During the 18-year period, the PRO.PR Conference has been gathering PR experts not only from SEE region but also from all over the world. Each year, the conference is organised on a different location, i.e. in a country that can welcome over 220 experts that this conference usually gathers.

As communicators, we understand the importance of events that should definitely be observed from many different aspects. One of these aspects are public relations, the main focus of our work.

Communication has been built on continuosly over the years, so in accord with that, the conference programme changes as well. Through different lectures, panel discussions and workshops, more than 260 experts has shared their knowledge. We’ve had experts from South Africa, Russian Federation, The United Kingdom, Norway, Qatar, Italy, France, Austria, Spain and many other countries, including the experts from Southeast Europe.


The first PRO.PR Conference was organized in Montenegro. It attracted people from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. The number of more than 130 participants was a good incentive for the next year’s Conference which was organized in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Belgrade, Serbia. It was the first public relations conference in that country. Around 100 people have participated.

At that time, as the organization force behind The Congress, we have decided to organize the next PRO.PR Conference at attractive but less known and visited places.

The third PRO.PR Conference has opened its doors to participants from Slovenia and Macedonia as well. It was organized at the Croatian nacional park Island Brijuni. More than 189 participants attended the Conference which was organized under the motto “With knowledge towards success”. The participants were able to get an insight into different media standards in new countries in the region.

Slovenia was the host of the fourth PRO.PR congress which was was endorsed by the Slovenian Government. Even though most of non Slovenian participants required special visas to come to Slovenia, the congress was still visited by more than 140 participants and PR experts. One of the guests was a representative of the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) which opened a communication process in one of the biggest centres of Public Relation– London.


Ohrid and Macedonia were the hosts of the fifth PRO PR Congress. This time, it was endorsed by the Macedonian Government. The PRO PR Conference was the first such conference in the history of the Republic of North Macedonia. At that time, some new features have been implemented in the organization of the Conference and therefore for the first time, foreign lecturers from Germany, Holland, Greece and France have come to the PRO.PR Conference.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a true symbol of multicultural life and centuries long communication tradition was the host of the sixth PRO.PR Conference. The theme of the Conference was “Corporate Communication” and it was visited by many regional managers of world’s leading brands like Mars, Coca-Cola, Fructal and many others.

Even in a time of recession, the PRO.PR project never stuttered but kept going in spite of all odds. Therefore the seventh PRO.PR Conference was organized in Splendid Hotel in Budva, Montenegro. The theme of the Conference was “New Technologies in PR”. More than 128 participants visited us in Montenegro while numbers and support we have been getting over the years continued at the next, eight in a row, Conference at the Island of Rab, Croatia, where the participants had a pleasure of enjoying their stay at one of the most beautiful Croatian islands.

The ninth PRO.PR Conference was organized at Lake Palić in Serbia, under the sponsorship of the City of Subotica. With the recession still blooming over the world, the main issues that were discussed at Palić were the numerous crises situations and how to communicate during them. Therefore, the theme of the Congress was “Crisis Communication”. The Congress was a proud host for some of the world’s best PR experts and their lectures about crises. Richard Linning, Juan Sola, Don W. Stacks and George Ellis, as well as numerous well known regional experts, guaranteed that the Conference was a “jackpot” for any PR professional who wanted to learn more.

The host of the tenth anniversary of the PRO.PR conference was city of Maribor, the European Capital of Culture in 2012. More than 212 participants gathered to follow the lectures of 20 world experts who came from North and South America and all over the Europe to share their knowledge and experiences.

To honor individuals who have dedicated their lives to public relations, contributed to the development and positioning this profession in the region and in the world. Besides the fact that the PRO.PR conference experienced its first jubilee, there was more than enough reasons to establish the PRO.PR Globe Awards. From now on the gala ceremony of awarding meritorious individuals will be an integral part of the PRO.PR conference each upcoming year.

Today, PRO PR GLOBE AWARDS presents one of the leading honours. That year in Maribor, awards were given to individuals who participated in the process of creating academic programs at various Universities in Southeastern Europe, giving Public Relations a new status within education. The award was also given to those who provided various educational platforms, schools, workshops and courses from the mid 1990s to the early beginning of this century.

The Croatian Historic Resort, Opatija, was a gathering place for leading regional public relations experts and the 11th PRO PR Conference, with 222 participants and 50% of foreign lecturers for the first time. The PRO PR GLOBE AWARDS honors have been awarded for the second time in the Crystal Hall at Hotel Kvarner. 

The twelfth PRO PR Conference was hosted again by Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Unable to find a location that can accommodate such number of people, Sarajevo has again proven to be a place of multiculturalism. 

The conference was attended by 218 participants who had the opportunity to hear lecturers from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Under the motto of Networking in motion, the conference brought together a number of international lecturers with regional experts in the field of public relations. As part of the gala dinners, PRO PR GLOBE AWARDS were presented for the third time. 

The PRO PR Conference is known to be organized in the locations that are not customary for the organization of congress meetings for professionals in the field of Public Relations. The town of Malinska on the island of Krk has become the centerpiece of the thirteenth international PRO PR Conference, which brought together 198 participants and was also awarded for the fourth time in a row the PRO PR GLOBE AWARDS. For the first time in the program content of the conference, experts from abroad were the main program bearers.

In the beautiful ambience of the Splendid Hotel, in Bečići, one of the best hotel destinations in Montenegro, the fourteenth PRO PR Conference was organized. For the first time, all lectures were presented in English. More than 190 professionals had the opportunity to be part of the PRO PR GLOBE AWARDS, which were held for the fifth time in a row. 

Under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar Kitarović and the mayor of Krapinsko Zagorska County Željko Kolar at Terme Tuhelj, not far from Zagreb, 227 participants had the opportunity to hear 14 lectures interactively through 3 panel discussions and be part of a gala dinner where they were presented for the sixth time in a row the PRO PR GLOBE AWARDS. 

Sixteenth PRO PR Conference were held in the beautiful surroundings of the historic Zlatibor winter resort in Serbia. Domestic and foreign public relations experts had the opportunity to hear about the latest trends in the field of Public Relations, and public relations agencies have expressed their views on media transformations. Under the auspices of the Tourist Board of Zlatibor, participants and guests had the opportunity to get acquainted with the natural beauties of this destination under the motto Networking and motion, and during the gala dinner, the PRO PR GLOBE AWARDS were presented for the seventh time. 

Not far from Crikvenica is the historic town of Selce within the County of Primorsko-Goranska. This destination is well known thanks to Austro – Hungarian scientists who, after many years of research, have come to the conclusion that it is one of the best climatic conditions for health. In the beautiful ambience of the renovated Katarina Hotel, 217 guests and media representatives attended this conference. The conference was marked by the arrival of two World Association Presidents Svetlana Stavrev, President of the International Public Relations Association London (IPRA) and Maria Laura Garcia, President of the FIBEP World Media Intelligence Association, as well as Takashi Inoue, Director of the Japan Public Relations Institute. They were awarded for the eighth time the PRO PR Globe Awards.

In the green oasis of Slovenia, Terme Olimie, Podčetrtek, the eighteenth international PR PR conference will be held. More than 200 participants are expected.