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Founder of PRO.PR conference and PRO PR GLOBE AWRDS  is Danijel Koletić, CEO Apriori World aka Daniel Key ( [email protected]),  president of the Institute for Integrated Inclusive Communications of Southeast Europe

Besides the vision, persistence and commitment stand behind the PRO PR Conference and the PRO PR Globe Awards. In its beginnings, the conference was organized by the agency Apriori Communications, which is today known as Apriori World. A lot of my multinational team’s optimism has been invested into the realisation of this idea. Different epithets and perceptions are usually connected with public relations. Characteristics of people working in the industry are sometimes held back by their ego. So, it has taken us twelve years to eliminate the negative comments. Unfortunately, the least amount of conference participants come from my country, Croatia. My life goal is connected to the goal of this conference. 

I am continuously connecting people. I have travelled many kilometres and flown a lot of miles to organize this conference through media relations and the creation of the conference programme. It was, and still is, my intention to enable my colleagues from public relations to hear different lectures, workshops and many foreign experts that they do not have a chance to hear in London, New York or Berlin, due to the financial situation. It is a great honour that my vision is recognised by the international community as well. That is why the PRO PR Globe Awards is the only international awards programme for which four leading international organizations (PRCA, CIPR, IPRA, ICCO) give their nominations. It is important to note that the awards are given to individuals, and not projects. These awards are special for another reason – there are no financial contributions to pay for these awards. Besides the aforementioned organizations, the former winners of these awards also nominate possible winners. A team of twelve people, of which five work in the Apriori World headquarters in Zagreb, is behind the organization of this event. If you want to work in public relations, you have to love your job. You also have to be blessed, just like I have been blessed, with the ability to give and invest your time for the good of your profession. My mission is continued by the PRO PR Conference and by FOCUS Conference, a conference on innovations and communications in public administration and public companies. FOCUS is a conference that I have launched at the 15th anniversary of the PRO PR Conference (

Believe in yourself, help others if you can and spread kind messages with good energy. Welcome to the PRO PR world, welcome to the PRO PR Conference. 

Danijel Koletić, Founder and CEO PRO PR Conference

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