Why participate at PRO PR?

//Why participate at PRO PR?
Why participate at PRO PR? 2019-11-20T18:15:28+00:00

As an expert in public relations and communications management we believe that you are familiar with a variety of educational events to help you throughout the year to acquire new knowledge of Public Relations, and here are just some of the reasons to believe PRO PR

  • People learn as long as they live. The PRO PR Conference is the leading conference specialised in the field of public relations in Southeast Europe. As a part of the conference, the PRO PR Globe Awards, one of the leading awards programmes, are being held. You deserve to be with the best, to exchange your knowledge and experiences. That is why you need to be a part of this conference.
  • A decade of sustainability in the market¬†of Public Relations
  • Under the motto of “Network in motion”, our goal is your personal development and cultural understanding and exchange of experiences and the possible growth of some new ideas
  • Our program is not limited just to one-way education that is only listening to lectures, but traditionally we have added lectures, workshops and panel disscussions, such as sightseeing of host city and organization of round table
  • Affordable registration fee all in one includes all meals, accommodation¬†and gala dinner and PRO PR Awards ceremony. According registration form you can choose variety types to register.
  • An international team of lecturers from respectable organizations that represent some of the biggest brands in the world
  • More than 3400 faithful participants who return every year to PRO PR talk about the quality of this conference. We hope so that you will be this year with us
  • Faithful participants who return every year to PRO PR conference talk about the quality of this conference