Why sponsor PRO PR?

//Why sponsor PRO PR?
Why sponsor PRO PR? 2019-11-20T18:12:36+00:00

Everytime when someone decides to sponsor an event, the main question arouse: What will I get from it? How many people will see my firm logo?

Nevertheless, its not always about the number, the quantity, but also about the quality of target group. Certainly, delegates, lecturers or experts who participate on PRO.PR conference tend to be a target group of specific quality, because of their influence in the world of business, managing and creating communication, within their sector. They are the one, whom voice are heard and who enforce standards. Actually, they are the basic value of PRO.PR, spreading information and personal impressions to those, out in the world. So sponsoring this kind of event is far more effective than just regular BTL marketing.

Due to the specific character of the Conference, we also offer specific sponsorship opportunities, some of them, are shown below:

  • Press sponsor
  • Premium Conference Sponsor
  • Sponsor of the Day
  • All together party Sponsor
  • Lecture sponsor
  • Round Table Sponsor
  • Golden PRoduct Placement Sponsor
  • Welcome Desk Sponsor
  • Get Around Party Sponsor
  • PRO PR Globe Awards and conference sponsor

We also offer to create a sponsorship opportunity together, by appointment.
You see, there are many alternatives, so if You have interest to participate as sponsor, You may require an proposal.

Additionally informations

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