PRO PR 2012, Maribor, Slovenia

//PRO PR 2012, Maribor, Slovenia

A decade of successful communication

21.03.2012 – 24.03.2012, Maribor, Slovenia

In the first decade of our existence we are entering with a thought of John Hersey, a successful and awarded American journalist and writer: “The reality is that changes are coming…They must come. You must share in bringing them.”

PRO.PR 2012 is “knocking on our doors”, make sure you reserve your place at this regional event. Lectures from Council of Europe, Diesel, European Banking Federation, University of Miami, Al Jazeera and others are waiting for your click on Registration.
After all this time, you must be thinking that there is nothing to say, but you are mistaking.

A new generations are entering the game and changing it on their own way. How to find a way of combining experiences with new technologies? How to make those new trends to work for us and our clients on the way which suits our needs?
Which are the tools that we need in second decade of 21st century?



Prof.Ph.D. Don W. Stacks, University of Miami

Carlos Diaz, Lector Global, Buenos Aires

Florence Ranson, European Banking Federation

Cathie Burton, Spokesperson, Council of Europe

Suzana Žilič Fišer, Director of Maribor 2012

Branko Pavlin, former CEO, Dnevnik

Mario Plenković, University of Maribor

Sabrina Povšić, Head of Public Relations Department

Ivan Tanta, University of Vern

Alex AIken, Wesminster City Council

Edin Fočić, Business Development Officer

Lisa Koestl, Branch Director, Diesel Deutschland GMBH

Matjaž Zadravec Director, Tuš Holding

Darko Popović, Promotion Department Director, TV Pink

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