PRO PR 2017, Terme Tuhelj, Croatia

//PRO PR 2017, Terme Tuhelj, Croatia

06.04.2017.-09.04.2017.Terme Tuhelj, Croatia

From the time it was founded, 15 years ago, this was the 5th time that the PRO.PR Conference was held in Croatia.

The host of the conference was Terme Tuhelj, a spa complex that consists of saunas, indoor and outdoor pools and thermal waters. Tuhelj is located in the beautiful Croatian Zagorje, an area known for its picturesque nature surrounded by hilltops, just 40 kilometers from the capital city Zagreb.
Zagorje, also called the green door of Croatia, stands out for its preserved nature, greenery, wine roads, and clean air but also its cultural heritage. Castles, Roman roads, museums, and churches are just a part of the rich history of Croatian Zagorje. For all those who seek active vacation, incredible gastronomic offer and the benefits of health tourism, Zagorje is the perfect place.
The virtues of Zagorje are the main reason why the 15th jubilee PRO.PR Conference was held exactly at Terme Tuhelj where prominent communications experts from the region and all over the world had a chance to get familiar with everything Zagorje has to offer.



Speakers at the 15th PRO.PR Conference were:
Igor Vukasović, Director of Corporate Communications & Head of Group Corporate Communications at Addiko Bank
Peter N. Thier, Head of Corporate Communications at Austrian Airlines and Member of the Communications Board of Lufthansa Group
Davor Debrecin, Svinaweb
Zoran Torbica,
Martin Korošec, Oranža
Marin Erceg, Aspida
Yogesh Joshi, President of ABCI
Goran Pivarski, Croatia and B&H Communications and Philanthropies Lead at Microsoft
Jelena Šarenac, Head of Corporate Communications at Henkel Serbia and Henkel Adria region
Goran Pavlović, Editor in Chief at JaTrgovac
Olivera Nikodijević, Carnex
Nataša Pucar, Bimal
Željko Jelić, PR Manager at Badel 1862
John Shield, Director of Communications at BBC
Katarina Klemenc, MSc Head Corporate Communications, Novartis, Slovenia
Bryson Thornton, Regional Director, Communications, Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa at Phillip Morris International
Lucia Pecháčková, Spokesperson at 02 Czech Republic
Christian Spahr, Director of the Media Program South East Europe of Konrad – Adenauer – Stiftung (KAS)
Francis Ingham, PRCA Director General & ICCO Chief Executive
Richard Linning
Toni Muzi Falconi
Marjan Novak, Marketing Magazine
Darko Buković, Privredni vjesnik
Robert Čoban, Color Press Group
Elmir Huremović, FENA
PhD Mladen Radujković, University of Alma Mater Europaea
Alexander Dourchev, CEO at All Channels Communications Group
Melita Pavlek, General Secretary at Croatian County Association,
Dražen Dretar, City of Varaždin
Marija Jovović, CEDIS
Violeta Cvetkovska, Municipality of Karpos
Aljoša Kirič, Municipality of Maribor
Ivana Đurić, Government of Serbia, European Integration Office
Admir Katica, High Judicial and Prosecution Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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