BTC City Ljubljana to become the first “bitcoin city” in the world

//BTC City Ljubljana to become the first “bitcoin city” in the world

Cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology are gaining ground in the business world. The BTC Company has always kept in step with the times, so it is no surprise to see the company develop the online platform Eligma together with a group of young experts. The main functionalities of the platform will be based on modern technologies and trends in artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. The platform will enable its users safe, transparent, and modern (online) shopping. The first functionalities will be tested in BTC City Ljubljana, which is to become the first “bitcoin city” in the world, already in 2018.

Cryptocurrencies as payment method for purchasing goods

In April, BTC City Ljubljana will see the start of the test period of the EliPay payment system, which will enable payment with select cryptocurrencies. Its functionality will first be tested by users in the physical stores of select retailers and service vendors. It is expected to be made available to all visitors by autumn this year. Among the first signees of the letter of intent for the implementation of the EliPay payment system are: Big Bang Slovenija, Sportina Group, Modni dodatki Bijoux, Tomas Sport, Atlantis Water Park, and ŠC Millenium. With the implementation of EliPay, BTC City Ljubljana will become the first “bitcoin city” in the world, accepting cryptocurrencies as payment in a broader shopping and business area.

Online trading platform tailored to the individual’s needs

By the end of 2018, all users should be able to use Eligma in order to discover the best offers of various online vendors, and compare prices, purchasing conditions, and product specifications. Future Eligma upgrades will make it possible to anticipate the price of a product, track it through time, and, by comparing market prices, advise the user on when to sell a given product.

Eligma will become a personal virtual assistant that will support the consumers’ lifestyle and provide them with a modern online shopping experience. With the implementation of some of Eligma’s functionalities, the BTC Company will upgrade BTC City Ljubljana in order for it to retain its leading position among shopping, business, and logistics centres in the broader European region.

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