UniCredit Bank Serbia – proud sponsor of the PRO PR Conference

//UniCredit Bank Serbia – proud sponsor of the PRO PR Conference

We are honored to have UniCredit Bank Serbia as a sponsor of 16th PRO PR Conference.

Reputable British financial magazine “The Banker” in early December 2016 at the ceremony held in London, seventeenth consecutive year, awarded the best banks on the continent. The privilege to be found in the company of selected one this year had UniCredit Bank Serbia which, thanks to the excelent business, get the prestigious award “Bank of the Year in Serbia“.

UniCredit Bank Serbia in the last year managed to further consolidate its leading position in Serbia. There has been growth of the business, both within the retail division, as well as in the sector of corporate and investment banking, significantly improved the efficiency of business processes and the level of customer satisfaction, as well as risk management and focus on customer acquisition. During 2015, UniCredit Bank increased its profits and assets for 16% client base for 15% hiring 56 new colleagues.

In addition, following its strategy of socially responsible business, continued to support the resolution of issues with key importance, as well as various initiatives of great importance to local communities. All this has further contributed to UniCredit Bank continues to confirm the status of socially responsible citizen.

In addition the category in which UniCredit Bank received the award recognizes companies that are focused on customers, employees, the environment and local communities, noting companies that continuously implement and promote activities in the framework of corporate social responsibility.

Its activities in the field of improvement of the local community and corporate social responsibility, UniCredit Bank is crowned by joining on list of the first national index of responsible business, research that not only is the first time carried out in Serbia, but also in the whole region. A total of 20 companies have managed to satisfy very strict criteria so that they are rewarded and promoted as examples of good practice.

All these awards are actually obligations for the Bank  to continue in way which began 15 years ago, and that is, thanks to the excellent management, reinvested part of the realized profit for the improvement of living conditions in the communities in which it operates.