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Andreja Comino

Journalist at Media24


Andreja Comino has always been fascinated by people. She tried to understand why they did what they did, and she also tried to find out how they could improve and make our world a better place. Her whole life and work have been dedicated to these questions. After graduating journalism at the Faculty for Social Studies in Ljubljana, she joined the editorial team of the leading Slovenian magazine and at the very start, she was given the opportunity to work with the best storytellers in Slovenia. Andreja seized the chance and passionately began to learn and establish connections, and she was good at it. Very soon she started to write the biggest and well-known stories and always managed to catch the interviewees who were almost impossible to catch. The magazines Zarja and Zvezde are still the most important and the highest-ranked in Slovenian media map with a long-standing tradition. She is very proud to be a part of this team and after 20 years she is still passionately helping them.

Since Andreja was a young journalist she has been hungry for good stories. She prefers stories about success, not only of celebrities, artists, business people, sportsmen, but also stories of »common« people, who again and again overcome obstacles when their lives are falling to pieces. Their will and power are the inspiration for many people. Apart from the stories, many other projects took place. They were related to many Slovenian companies, different events, PR stories, business and other trips in Slovenia and abroad. In short, she has not had the time to be bored for a second. She is committed to her work, to the improvement of the environment in which she lives, and the constant personal and professional growth. Andreja has been doing all of this with passion and responsibility. The best stories come from the heart.