Goran Pejčić

//Goran Pejčić

Goran Pejčić

Editor-in-Chief of Local News Program at Radiotelevision of Vojvodina


Goran Pejčić is a jurist by profession. Since 1996, he has been employed at News department at Radiotelevision of Voivodina. Firstly as a journalist-reporter, and later as an editor and author. His current position is Editor of the City and Regional Program of RTV.

Goran is also the author of several shows that were broadcasted on Television of Vojvodina.

Throughout eight years, he was the author of the TV show called “Citizens’ Service” which dealt with the work of the police.

Beside television, he participates at numerous professional seminars and educations.

He is also the author of articles in several professional magazines dealing with the media and the founder of two non-governmental organizations, which, for more than seven years, through projects, are engaged in increasing the level of traffic participants’ security.

Goran’s basic responsibilities, within these organizations, are public relations and project presentations.