PRO PR 2018, Zlatibor, Serbia

//PRO PR 2018, Zlatibor, Serbia

11.04.-14.04.2018., Zlatibor, Serbia

The host of the 16th edition of the PRO PR Conference was wonderful Serbian ski-resort Zlatibor.

Zlatibor is a mountain of exceptional beauty. It is a pleasant climate, a mild climate, spacious slopes, lush pastures paved with mountain streams and covered with pine apes that this mountain got its name. It is located on the main road Belgrade – Montenegrin coast. It is 230 km from Belgrade, and from Uzice 25 km. The average altitude is 1000 meters, and the plateau of the plateau is surrounded by the peaks of Tornik, at the same time the highest peak with 1496 m, then Čigota, Brijač, Viogor and a number of other smaller altitudes.

The first inhabitants of Zlatibor were the Illyrians, then the Romans, and afterward these settlements were inhabited by the Slavs. From these periods on Zlatibor there are remains of tumulus and hillocks. By the mid-nineteenth century, today’s area of Zlatibor was called Rujno, and later this name was completely suppressed and more and more mentioned the name Zlatibor, which this mountain is still a new, as well as a tourist settlement located in the center of the mountain.

The Zlatibor highlands are bounded by rivers: Uvac, Kamisin and Sušica. In the middle of Zlatibor flows the river Crni Rzav, and the eastern part of the river Prishtevica and Katusnica.

Zlatibor is today a modern tourist center and one of the most visited destinations in Serbia and the region. Zlatibor has 10 high category hotels, categorized with 4 stars, 30 holiday resorts, three exclusive apartment complexes, a large number of private boarding houses, villas for rent, houses for renting, as well as rural households that are equipped with the abandonment of tourists. The number of beds in hotels and resorts is about 5000, while in private places the number of beds exceeds 10 000.


Speakers at the 16th PRO.PR Conference have been:
Milica Popović, Fundraising Programs and Donors Relationship at Novak Đoković Foundation

Olga Podoinitsyna, Member of the Board at VTB Capital

Toni Tomašek, Chief Creative Officer & Director (Slovenia) & Chief Business Development (Adriatic) at Publicis One

Robyn De Villiers, Chairman and CEO of Burson Cohn & Wolfe

John Shield, Director of Corporate Communications at BBC

Silvija Londero, Director and Editor-in-Chief at Media Servis

Arnela Lojo, PR Manager and Spokesperson at RSG Media Group

Predrag Anđelković, CEO at S Media

Nina Redžepagić, CEO at OR

Borislav Miljanović, CEO at Represent Communications

Sophie Brendel, Director of Marketing and Communications at Victoria & Albert Museum

Fiona Czerniawska, Co-Founder of the Source Global Research

Sabrina Povšič Štimec, Deputy Head of PR Department at RTV Slovenia

Ana Keglović Horvat, CEO at Lude Ribe and AKH Consulting

Biagio Carrano, Founder and Director of eastCOM Consulting Belgrade

Nataša Jovanović, Director of the Identity and Communication Department at UniCredit Bank Serbia

Marjan Novak, Editor-in-Chief at Marketing Magazin

Marjeta Kirn Kljajič, Founder and Co-Owner at Nicha PR agency

Tamara Bekčić, Managing Director & Co-Founder at Chapter4 Communications Consulting Agency

Una Bejtović, CEO at Bejtovic Communications

Jelena Pavićević, Founder and CEO at Benefit Communications

Andreja Comino, Journalist at Media24

Robert Čoban, Owner of Color Media Communications

Goran Pejčić, Editor-in-Chief of Local News Program at Radiotelevision of Vojvodina

Milica Jeremić, Editor-in-Chief at

Sean Gardner, Co-Founder of the pioneering Huffington Post “Twitter Powerhouses Series”

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