PRO PR Infigo Award awarded in Belgrade

//PRO PR Infigo Award awarded in Belgrade

At the recently held Conference, the PRO PR Award Committee awarded Marija Vićić the PRO PR Infigo Award, intended for individuals who contribute to the development of the communications industry. The award was presented in Belgrade by Danijel Koletić, the organizer of the PRO.PR Conference.

When presenting the award, Danijel Koletić emphasized that “Marija studied law and dedicated her life primarily to journalism, and as a female in a male society, she started a very interesting campaign to promote McCann agencies in the region. However, her ambitious appetites and charisma took her beyond the boundaries of the region. Her time is coming. I am sure she inspires many with her work, not only here but also in Scandinavia, and therefore I congratulate her from my heart.”

In the I&F McCann Group, Marija Vičić is currently in charge of creative agencies’ communication in Southeastern Europe and the Nordic region and has won the award for professional achievements as Director of Communications of I&F McCann Group. “I am very pleased that I have been recognized by PR experts from the region and by PRO PR Awards as someone who has contributed to the development of the communications industry. Every day I try to promote what we do in all agencies in a positive way, but I also try to improve the profession as well as the region. The colleagues who are around me are the people I work with every day and who help me. I would especially like to thank Srđan Šaper, then all my colleagues with whom I have been cooperating all these years and with whom I continue to cooperate. I also want to thank the media, primarily the professional media we cooperate with, because they recognized the need to promote our profession, but also to all other media that are open and interested in communication”, Marija said.

Mr. Koletić emphasized that “PRO PR Awards is the only rewarding program that rewards individuals, not projects,” Daniel added, and continued: “And why the individuals? In our industry, “EGO virus” is present not only in Serbia, but in all countries of the world, and it is rare to see that someone individually awards PR professionals, who are highly qualified and worth the praise. If we, as experts, do not give ourselves importance, then I do not know who else will. We are a very small consulting organization, with only five of us in the whole region. This award is our product and our way to contribute to individuals and the profession as a whole.”