Ekrem Dupanović

//Ekrem Dupanović

Ekrem Dupanović

Editor-in-Chief at Media Marketing



Ekrem started his longlasting career in communication industry at Radio Sarajevo, where he worked fifteen years. In 1985 he began his work in OSSA Agency. During that time, he was primarily working in area of sports marketing. His biggest projects include sponsorship of tennis player Monika Seleš and enabling participation at 1988 Olympic games for Yugoslavian representation. Ekrem became director of marketing agency IMS Studio 6 Yugoslavia which was first ever official marketing agency of Yugoslavian government. Later, he started Business Magazine. As the war started in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ekrem went to Slovenia, where he founded WEEK Marketing and creative service. During his stay in Slovenia, he started Manager magazine concert series, which became central business events in Slovenian business community. He returned to Sarajevo in 1996 and founded Futura Media agency and Media Marketing magazine which turned out to be most relevant regional magazine and portal in advertising industry. Art&Business portal is his last project and it deals with sponsorship in culture and art. Ekrem is winner of many special recognitions for contribution to the development of the advertising profession in Croatia, Serbia and whole Adriatic region.