Iva Repač

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Iva Repač

Head of Digital Production in Span




Stories move, pictures move… that’s the real reason why I love videos and have been working with that medium for the last 15 years. Right now I’m working as Head of Digital Production in Span, a Croatian IT company that uses videos as one of its top means of communication. The video is hand in hand the simplest and totally complex craft. The simplest thanks to being short, to the point and sweet, there isn’t a soul in this universe who doesn’t love videos… The most complex because only amazing stories fill the bill and talk to viewers. Before settling down in Span, I built my career at Croatian Radio Television, working as a reporter and editor of informative content and head of the HRT newsroom. Forward-looking business practices of European TV channels inspired me to participate in a swarm of fascinating projects, from which I’d in particular mention digitalization of news programme of a public broadcasting company, news format transformation as a part of the project “News on Channel 2” and launching of an integrated Newsroom. As a matter of fact, the way we communicate defines us as individuals. But it also defines the companies we work for. Transformation in that sense for me personally means responding to modern trials and tribulations and connecting with new generations. Every message wants to be delivered, and it is up to us to find the best way to do so.