Katarina Miličević

//Katarina Miličević

PhD Katarina Miličević

CEO & Co-founder at thinkrourism.org


During her several years of work at the Institute for Tourism, Katarina Miličević, Ph.D.,  gained numerous experiences in the field of strategic planning in tourism, management, and marketing of tourist destinations, as well as other areas of importance for the development of tourism.

She received her doctorate at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana, on the topic of the influence of branding tourist destinations on competitiveness in tourism. She teaches the courses of Tourism and Service marketing at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management and works with a series of institutions in Croatia and the world through scientific-research and lectures.

During her stay in Doha, she collaborated with Qatar University and Zayed University from the United Arab Emirates to explore the characteristics of traveling of the inhabitants of the Arabian Gulf countries and the image of Croatia on this rich market. She has been expertly trained in marketing and tourism in a number of prestigious international institutions, including the latest Terry College of Business at the Georgia University in Atlanta.

During her professional and scientific career, she has published, as an author or co-author, a number of professional and scientific papers in the field of tourism and marketing, and a dozen chapters in books and high school textbooks. As an exhibitor, she has participated in a number of scientific and professional conferences both at home and abroad. During her work at the Institute for Tourism, she was actively involved in a number of consultancy projects related to destination management, marketing, and branding of tourist destinations.

She is the president of the Croatian Youth Hostel Association, an independent association of youth hostels in Croatia that is a member of the World Hostelling International Association. Katarina is also the director and co-founder of the company thinktourism.