Robert Čoban

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Robert Čoban

CEO at Color Press Group


Robert Čoban is a media professional with 28 years’ experience working in the media sector and publishing company. He is best described as a passionate and excellent communicator, founder, leader, and manager, with a comprehensive knowledge of world`s media industry, especially in the West Balkan region, based on personal knowledge and experience. The areas Robert specializes in are publishing, communication, events organizing, PR, external relations, sales, and online media. He started his career in 1990 when he, for a year, worked as a correspondent from Novi Sad for the Belgrade newspaper “Večernje novosti”, Zagreb newspaper “Arena” and Sarajevo newspaper “Naši dani”, also “Vreme” magazine and magazine “Stav”. From December 1991 to April 1992 he was a journalist for the Vojvodina Radio Television (Radio Televizija Vojvodine). Since February 1992 he holds the position of the President of the board at the Color Press Group. CPG is the biggest publisher in the region with an extensive portfolio in 6 counties (ex-Yugoslav region), consisting of 84 magazines, 21 portals, and over 50 conferences and festivals per year. At the CPG, Robert’s responsibilities include managing company operations, defining company`s strategy, plans and all aspects of leading business; execution of BP, P&L strategy, managing and providing direction to the employees, contributors, and partners. He also leads the organization of the events and conferences, and the cooperation with domestic and international organizations, institutions and companies. Robert’s key achievements are establishing the company in 1992 and, with the group of students, founding the student magazine “Index”. After two issues, the entire editorial staff was shifted and the Independent Index was launched, which will later change the name into the “Svet” magazine, which was the base for establishing company – the Color Press Group. Some of the most popular CPG brands are magazines (Story, Gloria, Hello, Lepota&Zdravlje, Brava Casa, Jamie Oliver, Diplomacy&Commerce), conferences (The Economist: World in…, CSR, Teen Talk, Digital, Serbia Goes Green, Book Talk, Pro Femina, Food Talk), and festivals (Winterfest, Lovefest, Octoberfest).