Welcome to Crikvenica-Selce

//Welcome to Crikvenica-Selce

It is our honour and pleasure to be the sponsor of the International PRO PR Conference organised by the Apriori World Agency, which will in April of 2019 present our coastal city, our Crikvenica, to eminent PR experts who will learn about the trends, specificities and distinctions of this region, share ideas and experiences, and promote Crikvenica around the world. During these three days, the participants will have the opportunity to take part in lectures and panel discussions where prominent regional and global communication experts will present their experiences and knowledge. They will also have free time to take a walk around Crikvenica and learn about its culture and heritage. I believe Crikvenica has a lot to offer and that all the conference participants will enjoy their time in our city. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the agency for their co-operation and proactivity in the organization of such a large conference and for providing the opportunity for Crikvenica to host this event and present all its attractions to the visitors.

We can promise that we will be a good host and present our city in the best possible way to attract new visitors!

We wish you successful and rewarding work at the conference hoping you will always gladly return to Crikvenica!


Damir Rukavina

Mayor of the City of Crikvenica