HEINEKEIN Hrvatska proud sponsor of 17th PRO PR conference

//HEINEKEIN Hrvatska proud sponsor of 17th PRO PR conference

HEINEKEN Hrvatska is a member of HEINEKEN company, the most international beer producer worldwide, and an important player in the Croatian economy. As one of the largest beer producers in the Croatian market, it advocates responsible and sustainable business model. The company is especially dedicated to sustainable sourcing, reducing CO₂ emissions, protecting water resources, advocating responsible consumption, promoting health and safety and supporting the local community.

Quality products

HEINEKEN Hrvatska uses only highest-quality ingredients and standards in order to create innovative beer brands that offer unique experience and contribute to life enjoyment. For example, that is obvious in the production of the company’s most popular brand – Karlovačko beer – which is locally made beer produced of four natural ingredients: water, hops, yeast and pure malt made of 100% Croatian barley.

Sustainable sourcing

HEINEKEN started to use Croatian barley for its main brand in 2014, when the company started a successful cooperation with local producers and farmers in order to support their businesses. Besides securing this key ingredient of an excellent beer, this long-time cooperation has been one the factors behind the rapid growth of the national barley production in the recent years. Moreover, domestic producers have been strengthened by co-operation with HEINEKEN Hrvatska.

Supporting local community

The company contributes to the local community as well. HEINEKEN Hrvatska invests through sponsorships of some of the most important local events and donations for projects that contribute to a better quality of life in the City of Karlovac and Karlovac County. Talking about donations, there are two major projects: donation contest “Together for better Karlovac and Karlovac County” that the company carries out every year and the KAkvart project, in which the company has partnered the City of Karlovac. KAkvart is a unique project that represents the synergy and cooperation between the city, private sector and volunteers. Moreover, local citizens choose projects they consider to be important, and they volunteer to conduct them and implement them in the life of the community. Furthermore, within the donation competition ‘’Together for better Karlovac and Karlovac County’’, HEINEKEN Hrvatska funded the projects that are considered to contribute to a better life quality of Karlovac and the County. Since 2009, when the company launched the first contest, and a total of 167 projects have been supported. Beside donations, the company has been also investing in the local community through sponsorship of some of the most important local events such as The Day of the City, Ivanjski krijes, International Folklore Festival, the New Year’s Eve in Karlovac, the River Cinema at Karlovac.

Green business and environmental care

Environmental care is also one of the business priorities of HEINEKEN Hrvatska and an important part of its sustainability strategy called “Brewing a Better World”. For many years, HEINEKEN Hrvatska has been working intensively on environmental protection and sustainable business, which has given tangible results: in 2017 the company reduced CO2 emissions to 6.2 kg / hl, and since the end of 2016 it has been only using green electricity in the Karlovac brewery (ZelEn), obtained solely from the renewable sources. Since 2008, it has reduced water consumption by 40%, while in the same period the amount of non-recycled industrial waste decreased by 86%. In 2017, 11% more of the company’s beer was sold in returnable glass bottles compared to 2016. Also, the company uses environmentally friendly refrigerators.

In order to further reduce its impact on the environment, HEINEKEN Hrvatska installed 1,380 solar panels on the roof of its newly built green warehouse in Karlovac. Annually, these panels will produce approximately 395,000 kWh of electricity for the needs of the brewery and beer production. It is important to emphasize that the amount of electricity produced by solar panels will reduce CO₂ emissions by 118.5 tons per year. At the end of 2018, the company started replacing halogen lights in the brewery with the LED lights. Thanks to this, annual electricity savings will be 80%.

Furthermore, one of the biggest green investment in recent years was the construction of a green warehouse in Karlovac. The warehouse was built according to the green construction principles, which implies a reduction of environmental impact at all stages of construction and use of the building. The emphasis was placed on energy efficiency, high quality environmentally friendly materials suitable for recycling, but also the reduction of construction and other waste, generated during the construction process. Due to rational use of energy and thermal insulation of buildings, green warehouse is classified into the energy class A +.

Promoting responsible consumption

HEINEKEN Hrvatska works actively on promoting and encouraging responsible consumption, as well as on raising the awareness of the problem of underage alcohol consumption. In 2013, the company launched For Responsible Youth project focused on minors’ alcohol abuse. In collaboration with the project partners, a web sub-page was launched, offering information about dangers on minors’ alcohol abuse, factors influencing it, the role of a functional family etc. Beside educational factor, the page also had possibility of online counselling with psychologists.

Additionally, in cooperation with Karlovac police department and TESA Psychological Centre, the project has featured a few series of lectures for several hundred school students and their parents in the City of Karlovac since 2016. Lectures for parents covered the topics like parenting role in adolescence and communication between parents and children, while the lectures for students covered: dangers of minors’ alcohol abuse and alcohol impact on human behaviour.

As part of the Association of Beer, Malt and Hop Producers, HEINEKEN Hrvatska has also participated in various activities considering such problems. The most recent one was a Be conscientious – sometimes kids need to be told ‘no’ campaign, which long-term goal was to reduce the number of minors to whom alcohol is available. In that campaign, the aim was to educate sales staff in stores about more consistent law enforcement, which prohibits alcohol serving and selling to the minors.

Work place safety and satisfaction

Another company’s priority is health and safety.  So employees are provided with high-quality work equipment, prescription protective eyeglasses, safe drive training, flexible working hours and participation in various sports and volunteer activities. As a multinational company, HEINEKEN employs more than 80,000 people, promoting international career development, best practices sharing and good support system in general. HEINEKEN Hrvatska regularly conducts research on the organizational climate and employee satisfaction. Employee engagement index is at very high level – 84%, with 87% of employees extremely satisfied and 94% of employees say they are proud to be working at HEINEKEN Hrvatska.

Most notable awards

Thanks to multiple benefits and rights enjoyed by the employees (vacation, Christmas, Easter bonuses, jubilee payment, gifts for children, meal subsidies, transportation fee, flexible working hours etc.), the company received The Employer Partner Certificate. Furthermore, the company received a Croatian Employers’ Association’s (HUP) Award for Corporate Social Responsibility thanks to the three projects: Croatian barley for Karlovačko beer, green business approach and taking care for the community. Also, it received the Zlatna Kuna Award as the best large company in Karlovac County.

Product portfolio

HEINEKEN Hrvatska has an excellent, diverse and rich portfolio of premium products that would satisfy the tastes of adult lovers of beer and cider on different occasions. The main brand is Karlovačko, which is produced by using barley exclusively from Croatian fields. In this family, there are also several different products. Karlovačko crno is rich dark beer made of as many as three kinds of malt. Karlovačko nepasterizirano retro is a beer with excellent taste and it is not pasteurized. Karlovačko Natur Radlers are a special category and the company is very proud of the fact that its radlers are made of 100% natural ingredients, containing no preservatives, artificial colours or sweeteners. They come in two flavors: lemon and grapefruit with mint. There is also Karlovačko crna višnja – a rich dark beer with cherry juice. The company’s portfolio also includes Heineken, the world’s most international premium beer brand. Along with Heineken, there is Heineken 0.0 – a global innovation and premium beer of excellent taste, with no alcohol and with only 69 calories in 0.33l bottle. The diversity of the portfolio is also contributed by Dutch lager Amstel Premium Pilsener, legendary Czech beer Krušovice Svetle and Krušovice Černe along with Slovenian brands Laško and Union. HEINEKEN Hrvatska also has specialty beers such as the Belgian Affligem – Blond, Double and Triple, Edelweiss Snowfresh, Desperados (beer with a tequilla flavor) and Belgian fruit beer Mort Subite Kriek Lambic. For those who may not prefer beer, there is apple cider Stari lisac and Strongbow available in two flavours: apple and red berries.