//PRO PR 2022. NEWS

On the 18th edition of the PRO PR conference you can expect 17 lectures, 4 workshops and 1 panel!

Participant can choose from 4 workshops;

Power of mind – Intuition: Your forgotten superpower (antistress workshop) by Ana Keglović Horvat;

At this workshop  participants will learn how anti-stress and intuition strengthening techniques can help you in your business but also private life.


Communication Strategy – How to Draft a Strategy in Changing Times by Andras Stanislav;

Participants will be introduced with types of approaches and methods of planning strategic communications.


The Elephant in the Room by Urška Jež;

This workshop will help you learn how to solve conflicts and understand team dysfunctions


Using data to target communications strategies and messages by Chris Pomery;

With this workshop participant will learn how to  embrace the power of Tourism communication and discover how to use it


Aside from amazing workshops, participants will have the opportunity to hear leading experts in marketing and PR on a panel Responsible communication, responsible public relation.

Simona Kruhar Gaberšček will moderate, and participants are: Katja Fašink, , Luka Steiner, Boban Spasojević, Nadja Lutvikadic-Fočo, Anita Kovačić Čelofiga