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Aida Salkić

Aida is the founder and director of PR agency Beyond Consulting with close to 15 years of experience in managing strategic communication of large companies in various industries. She graduated with a degree in Public Relations from the International University in Malaysia, Department of Mass Communication. Throughout her many years of work, she participated in a number of conferences and trainings. She is the winner of the PRO.PR award for her contribution to the development of the PR industry in the region. She has extensive experience in the field of event organization, and public relations, with a special focus on strategic communication, crisis communication, and media relations. She believes that a personalized approach adapted to a specific channel is necessary for successful communication, and she sees the future of PR inadequate communication of sustainable business practices, as well as transformation adapted to the modern age. At the same time, PR must remain an integrated part of strategic communication that will build mutual relations between the organization and the public. Her vision of development is to strengthen the PR profession, which is only possible through the association of professionals and joint action. After 13 years of working in the corporation, Aida founded the PR agency Beyond Consulting in 2021. The agency deals with consulting in the field of strategic communication, public relations services, event management, and ESG reporting.


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