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Aleksandra Marković

Graduated from the University of Banja Luka. For years, she was an active member of the non-governmental sector, in the segment of intercultural projects. Since 2016, she has been working as a public relations manager and marketing manager of the retail chains Tropic&mojMarket and Crvena jabuka market in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With active participation in marketing and PR strategy creation, she keeps contributing to the positioning of the company as a leader on the Bosnian market in the food segment and modern concept of retail industry. Actively participates in the implementation and promotion of CSR activities that the company implements or supports. She emphasizes interpersonal relationships, inside and outside the company, which she believes are an important factor in professional and personal development and success. Passionate about positive stories and communication channels of the new age, in a time of increased fluctuation of information and news, she firmly believes that the branch of public relations has a really demanding task to tell them in the right way, with a special approach and to direct them towards the targeted audience.


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