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Alenka Jakomin

14. December 2022.

Alenka Jakomin

Alenka Jakomin

Senior Consultant at Pristop Slovenia

Alenka Jakomin is an economist and holds a university degree in journalism. She made her first career steps in journalism but later switched to consulting work. She acted as a consultant in various Slovenian communications agencies as well as at Ogilvy, a global player in communications. She currently works as a consultant in the corporate communications department in one of the largest Slovenian communication and advertising agencies Pristop where she has been managing various communication projects and campaigns for over 20 years. As a consultant, she works alongside executives and managers and looks after the reputation of institutions, individuals, and brands in the fields of trade, manufacturing, construction, engineering, banking, finance, and pharmaceuticals. In her work, she is focusing on reputation management, crisis communication, and socially responsible campaigns. She is also the initiator for establishing a section for the promotion of social responsibility (SSDO) at the Slovenian Public Relations Society (PRSS).

She occasionally publishes articles in professional magazines and newspapers. She was one of the editors and co-authors of EX = IN, a book from 2005 in which she co-authored the state of development of the public relations profession in the republics of former Yugoslavia. She gives the initiative for translation of Gergely Toth’s A truly responsible company, a book published in 2009 in the Slovenian PR book collection where she edits an appendix of good CSR practice communication in different Slovene companies. She often takes the position of chair or member in various commissions for different public relations and social responsibility awards (Prizma, Horus) and is an active member in various programme committees of professional conferences on marketing and public relations.

She is a multiple Gold Quill recipient (2000, 2001, 2013), an International Award for Excellence in Communication awarded by the IABC. She was one of the finalists of the New York Festival, Emerald Award (2013) and the Slovenian National Award Prize (2013, 2017) – an award presented by the Slovenian Public Relations Society (PRSS) for Communications Excellence. She is a multiple SOF finalist and the recipient of the MM Award.

She also conveys her references and good practices to students at schools and participants at conferences and educational programmes. She lectures at the Centre for Management Development and Training at the Faculty of Economics (CISEF), the Faculty of Social Sciences, both Ljubljana University, the PRSS-Slovene PR association Student Section, the London School of Public Relations (LSPR), GV Education and the Academy of the Slovene Advertising Chamber (SOZ). She also gives lectures at national PR conferences and at the Academy of the Slovene Marketing Society.

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